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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Something Special Happenin'

Today I have a guest blogger....

If you don't know Linda from Prairie Flower Farm
you should.  (And here is your chance!)  Linda is my guest blogger....
at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Linda, along with another bloggy
friend have an idea.  I figured she could explain it better than I can, so this is a copy 
of what she posted on her blog.  
(I'm just keeping it simple.) 



(You can use the above photo to pass this information on.  Just link to Prairie Flower Farm.)

Something Special Happenin'

Hello sweet ladies,

Good morning........the sun is shining, the windows are open, the birds are singing and we might get rain tonight. Sounds like a beautiful day to me! 

When I got up this morning I checked my friend Susan had one waiting for did my sister.......don't you just love that's like getting a card in your mail box and I love things in my mailbox. There was also an email from another blogger friend Angie, her blog is called, Berry Homespun Primitives. She is a sweetie.  Anyway I went to her blog and she had done a post on Joplin. I don't know about you ladies, but I sit in my home and wonder what can I DO?!?!?! I can pray and that is good, but I would also like to do something to help. Now for a little background. Last week a blogger friend Sherry (she doesn't have a blog) called me. She was all excited........she had an idea. She had heard of a lady that had been in the horrible tornado in Joplin. The lady said, "if only I had my purse". I can only imagine not having your wallet, your needfuls. Anyway that put Sherry into high gear.......she is so precious. She decided to start collecting either New or In Good Condition purses for Joplin. Her first goal was to get 100 purses. She is calling it "Purses With Promises", isn't that the sweetest idea? Her honey had access of getting New Testaments and a Bible Study......they are going  inside each purse. Other friends of hers and her daughter are collecting jewelry.... tissues...........PRECIOUS! Ladies, we can go out in His Name and make a difference right from our HOMES!!!! Got so excited with Sherry, but I couldn't think of anything I could do. With limited money, just like everyone else I thought what can I do. Well this know how my brain works (high gear and never stops) and as I was reading my email from Susan (the one that sent me the box). This is what she said, "Tomorrow, I am going to make some raspberry-ginger scones :) I'll call you when they are ready and we can sit on my back porch and have them with ICED TEA :D" Now she knows I can't really come, because she livesssssss 6 hours away. But we dream. Anyway when I read ICE TEA and then put JOPLIN together in my brain.......I got.

That is just how Jesus works with I called Sherry and told her my idea.........she was sitting at the hair salon  in the "beauty chair"......I don't think it is called that, but I like that thought. My honey called it the "Princess Chair"...........Bahaaaaa (that is for you Susan). Cute name I think! Anyway Sherry loved the idea. 

Sooooooo here is my 


You can make up one or more of my little tea cozy's found on my side bar. You would fill them with one or two teabags.......write a note with a scripture and encouraging note and put in the inside of each. Send them to me and I will send them on to Sherry and she will put them in the purses.  Fun thing to do for the Joplin ladies? 

 Now some of you may say.......I don't have fabric.........well I can help you there. You know that now I am "Miss Cleany" and I am going through ALL OF MY FABRICS......and I will share....with you. Tell me how many you want to make and I will send the fabric. Now is that a deal or what? If you ladies are interested and think you have other's that would be interested, you can take my Tea Cozy picture above and get the message out. The pattern is on the side bar for you to download. The cozy can be made in cotton or wool and as fancy as you would like. If some of you have already downloaded it and don't know where it me and I will resend it to you. 

Easy Peasy!!!!!! 

To contact me please email me at  Put "Tea for Joplin" in the subject. Please don't feel it as a burden if you can't, we all understand the pressures that families are under now a days.

If you have a purse or purses and you would like to send them to Sherry, contact me on that also. Thank you so much.

I will be putting this on my facebook and maybe some other places. Please let me know if you have any other ideas to help this grow. Just email me. Please put this up on your blog if you would back to this post. HUGS! 

Hugs from my farm and may the Lord bless our efforts,


Just a note from Cheryl ~ 

As Linda knows, my sewing skills are nearly none existent, so I am offering to send two or three boxes of tea.

I also called my sister, Bobbie.  She has a friend who is a pastor in the Joplin area and Bobbie is a member of a rather large quilt guild.  I figure she can 1) find out some information and 2) she knows more ladies who (Lord willing) can help.

I am feel like Linda, something is happenin'.  It started with our Wednesday's post two weeks ago....and it is building.  God is going to use those who are willing to minister to the needs of others via our blogs, our prayers, our willingness....He will take our "little" and multiply it many times over to bless those who are hurting.

Don't you want to be a part of what's happenin'? 



  1. I’m in … okay, really, I THINK I’m in. I didn’t see the pattern on the sidebar, and the only class I ever flunked was—you guessed it—sewing. So, if it’s not too complicated, “I’m in”. I know I can supply a purse, so I’m in for that part. Direct me in more detail to the pattern for the tea cozy, and I’ll see if I can handle it. ;-D Nice job ladies! Many blessings…

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    So I'm crocheting little flowers for tea bag cozies...and my brain is spinning with ideas. I'm so happy to help with this :) :) :) I'll keep my eye out for really nice purses when I go to yard sales etc. Once in awhile I see really, like new th ings for really inexpensive. Have a great Sunday. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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