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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy SONday, Everyone!

Sending you a beautiful boutique ~

because you are so deserving!

Many of you prayed and God is moving!

I have been trying to update last Friday's prayer/prayer request with the praise reports that are coming in.  I am amazed.  I am humbled.  God ~ ABBA ~ is such a good GOD, a wonderful FATHER.

It is times like this when I remember Psalm 8 ~

What is man, that thou art mindful of him?
Who am I, that God would be mindful of me? 
Again, I am humbled. 
Still, not all prayer is answered the way we desire.  We have to remember, God is weaving a tapestry.  He is the Weaver....His view is the beautiful side.
From our vantage point, we still see the knots, loose ends, and dangling threads.  Sometimes, the tapestry looks to be a bit of a mess.  Sometimes, our lives seem to be a bit of a mess.  But God knows the end from the beginning.  HIS view is the finished product!
* * * * * * *
 Different ones have asked that I thank each of you, for taking the time to lift their needs in prayer.
are the
Next Friday, we get to do it all over again!
Sincerely....things are happening....GOD is moving!
 I believe HE is preparing the way for GREATER things and we must prepare our hearts.  As Hadassah (Esther) prepared her outward appearance for the king,
WE must prepare our inward most being for the KING of kings! 
And like Hadassah,


art come to the kingdom for such a time as this."
It is time to put on the whole armor of God ~ Preparing our hearts, preparing our homes.

I ask that you pray for me and my household.  We are doing something a little different tonight.  We will be opening our table to any who would like to come and eat.....
enjoy the fellowship,
renew some friendships.

Nothing heavy or overly spiritual....
we are going to ease our way into this 
new ministry...we laughingly call ~
Shi-anne Social Club.
(I did love that dog!)
Many of you know, our little community has experienced a 
number of changes over the last several months. 

Praying this will be an opportunity for those who are hurting to reach out to one another, that their own hurts and loneliness can be healed.  Life is difficult, but
things are possible. 
(and Happy Trails to YOU!)

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