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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Building Our Homes Together ~ June 29th

                         Wow, can you believe we are on week #5 of 
Time flies when you are sharing it with nice people!

Be sure and head over to Prairie Flower Farm to get the scoop!  Then blog about what you and JESUS are doing to build your home.....transforming your house into your sanctuary.  After that, link up with the rest of us!  
*We'll come visit....well, we will visit your blog, anyway!*
Now, there are Blueberry Muffins on the stove and the coffee is wonderful this morning!  Help yourself, then find a comfy place to sit.  It is always nice to have friends to drop by!

I still have days when I look around and can’t quite figure out what I’ve accomplished.  So, I thought it might be nice to take inventory!

To date I have accomplished the following:

I finished cleaning the well house and it is ready for the shelves to be put in.
I plan to store some of the overflow of canning jars (etc.) in the well house, freeing up some space in the kitchen.

 (My spider bite, acquired while cleaning the well house, is nearly completely healed.  Thank you to those who knew about my bite and prayed.)

I started cleaning out drawers.  I love cleaning drawers, because there

is an instant gratification.  You can see the results of your handiwork immediately!  To date, 8 drawers and two shelving units have been cleaned.

We had a number of boxes and storage tubs that different ones had carried in….and left + their contents.  4 Boxes….4 large boxes, emptied and the boxes thrown away and two tubs emptied.

In the living room, the DVD/video/game shelves have been moved cleaned behind and the movies/games dusted and rearranged.
Ditto on the living room book shelf.

I am now tackling the computer desk….which is HUGE and PACKED!

This may not seem like a lot….but I’ve also had grandkids continuously, cooked at least two meals a day + clean up, fought my way across mountains of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms at least 3 dozen times, processed 360 liters of milk, made soap, made laundry soap (okay, that one didn’t take that long), cleaned off the kitchen table, fought to keep kitchen table half way cleaned off, made jelly, worked in the garden, …..and the list goes on.

Have I learned anything?  Turning loose of clutter before it becomes attached to our lives would be the smart thing to do. *smile*

So, what are your plans for the Fourth?

Oklahoma Sports Park is just a few miles from the house, so we will take the boys to watch the firework display Saturday evening after a family cookout.

Sunday, after church DD#1 and her family will be down….well, two of hers are here now, but the rest will join….another cookout.  Kids will swim, fish in the pond and ride the ATVs….maybe play baseball in the pasture if it isn’t too HOT.

If we don’t get some rain, popping fireworks won’t be a part of the celebration due to a burn band.  We might plan a treasure hunt or something for the younger kids.

~ MENU ~


Hamburgers with trimmings
Hot Dogs
Deviled Eggs
Homemade Banana Ice Cream


Grilled Chicken
Baked Beans
Potato Salad
Fresh Corn on the Cob
served  in  ½ pint Mason jars Linda showed us.  

More WatermeloN


                                    I’ll be babysitting and the menu will be leftovers!

Spiritually speaking....amazing things are happening!  Like the clutter that seems to overflow, what is happening in the spirit is also overflowing!  It is awesome!
I've joined other ladies (particularly Angela) in dedicating Fridays to praying for children....the neighbor next door.  You can find out all about it at the top of my side bar.  We'd love, love for you to join us!!!

We are seeing some amazing answers to prayer!

My honey and I also started the Shi-anne Social Club....(which is just a take off of my favorite dog's name).  We invite friends and neighbors who might be hurting spiritually, to come for dinner each SONday evening!  God is blessing and we are beyond thrilled! 

So...what's going on at your place?  If you don't have enough to keep you busy, after breakfast we will be worming horses.  You're welcome to join's really not that bad.

Be sure and visit the other ladies participating in Building Our Homes Together With JESUS! 
Praying the rest of the week is a blessed one and you and yours have a very blessed and safe Fourth of July celebration!

May Goodness and Mercy be your constant companions! 
~ Cheryl ~ 

Thought for today: 

"Bravery never goes out of fashion."  William Thackeray


  1. Eeccckkkkk!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Look at you girlfriend!!!!!!!!! Isn't it so precious when we can look back and see the works of our hands. I LOVE IT! Thank you soooooo for this precious post. I kept reading and reading and my heart was warmed to the max!

    Off to the my nightgown and barefooted of water my little pattypans. Love em.........and they are so adorable!

    Hugs from my farm to your farm.........oh and we have to do that "thing" to our horses. Poor Tay just sits on the couch most of the time with her leg up. She wants her HORSES...NOW. It will be awhile. Oh and Ellie's Daddy is looking for a horse for Ellie,

  2. Wow! You are doing amazing stuff all over the place! Sounds like you are really gaining ground in your house. I'm kind of at a standstill ... waiting for Erica to remove all her stuff (Bert said he will tell her that anything still here after this weekend will be donated to charity.) and Josiah to be on his way to Asia. Hopefully he will leave cleanliness in his wake! Then when it's just us two ... I will tackle the mess and hopefully find lasting results!

    I asked Bert last night if we can go somewhere for a weekend after Josiah leaves and he said yes. Still trying to figure out where we will go. Just needing a break from the norm.

  3. Thanks for the little "prod" to remind me to link up...i had my blog set up to automatically post this am, but for some reason it just doesn't know how to automatically link up *wink*

    You are a busy, busy woman....but I know that is how our Lord intends for a woman of God to be! Busy hands are serving hands! I am about to be very, very busy for the next week too....our Scout is staying with us while his Momma & Daddy take a trip to NYC they are leaving him with us for 5 nights and he has never spent a single night away from them. I would appreciate your prayers for them, they are excited for a much needed get away, but nervous, and I will need the strength that only God can provide to be healthy & strong enough to not overdo it in carrying & lifting my precious little bundle ;)

    Our 4th will be baby centric. the fireworks are going to go on here in our town even though we are very, very dry.....praying no fires break out!

    I pray that your family time is especially blessed. Have a wonderful day my friend.

  4. I am really soooooo impressed with how much you've been able to accomplish! Good for you. We have no special plans for the Fourth. My husband just want to sit in a chair and rock. I hope that happens for him. ;o)

  5. Wow, what a lot you are accomplishing! Good for you!! It made me exhausted just reading about all that you are doing.

    Our plans for the 4th look pretty low-key. I actually think my hubby may be working ... don't know for sure yet. We are having a church picnic after the morning service on the 3rd, though, so that will be fun.

  6. Turning loose of clutter before it becomes attached to our lives would be the smart thing to do....I REALLY liked this statement..spoke to my heart.

    We are celebrating Canada's Day on the 1st...Tomorrow I have off and Randy and I are driving and driving and driving. Than having lunch, than driving, driving and driving back home. LOL. He wants to see how much mileage he gets on a tank of gas...whatever, LOL..Will be taking my Bible, prayer books and another book to read on the ride.

    We have been invited to two bbq's. One tomorrow and another on Saturday.

    I've been busy somewhat. I did work in my flower garden from 9 am. till 8 pm. on Monday..laundry of course..that never stops does it. I've been able to write in my prayer journal for each day for almost a that quiet time spent in the evening. I'm really trying to still my spirit..quiet it and be still and know that HE is God...

  7. Wow! You are a busy lady; and it sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished - good for you!

    This weekend, we will be attending a parade and looking for fireworks! Hubby works tomorrow, so it will just be me and the kids; but on Monday, he will join us. The kids are looking forward to it!

    By the way, found you through Prairie Flower! Heather


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