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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gratitude Journal for Monday, June 27th

My Gratitude Journal

Some of the many blessings, for which I am thankful ~

#51 to #75  (working toward 1000)

that there is a difference between condemnation and conviction and to be able to discern that difference.

for a Father who loves me, in spite of my actions that sometimes leave much to be desired.

to know that there is a vast difference between clean and unclean and HE was willing to cross that great distance.

for the sound of the whippoorwill

for music and silence

for time to reflect

for food to cook and days I don’t have too.

that the ground at the foot of the cross is level

for chickens that lay fresh eggs

for people who’s laughter spreads to their eyes

for tiny footprints and age-weathered hands

for sunshine and air conditioning

for daffodils

for the smell of honeysuckle

for people who always encourage

that Yeshua/Jesus loves me, this I know

for the color RED

for birds that sing

for ice!

for happy tears

for dandelions

for long relaxing baths

for time to just be

for friends who show up with unexpected surprises

for those who are willing to pray

Be sure and checkout A Holy Experience for more gratitude list.  Hey, why not start one of your own?

I have a new *Praise Report* I can't wait to share with you!  Abba has been busy. ;)  I am going to 'double check' tomorrow.....just to be sure.  Then I will share!  Promise!

Also, I have a question (or 2) I want to ask....I need opinions!  Got one?  LOL 



  1. I always enjoy your list. You find so many fun things to be grateful for!

  2. love, love this list!! so many of these things are things i love & am thankful for too....especially the level ground at the foot of the cross....the color RED....the sound of the whipoorwill...long relaxing baths!!

    And oh honey, yes, I always have an opinion!! ;)


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