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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Praise Report, Your Opinion?, and Pay It Forward!

 One of our Fearless Friday prayer requests has been for Beverly.  Beverly is dh's cousin.           
*Praise Report* 

Parkinson’s ~

I’m not sure how much of Bev’s story she would want me to tell.  But I’ll give you the “short” version. 
She thought they were happily married for nearly 30 years, found out he was having an affair.  He manages to lie his way back  home. Then Bev was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Husband leaves (Bev’s insurance was through his employer).  Divorce.  Health continued to decline.

Last week, she went to a different doctor (due to no longer having insurance; because of the divorce, so she didn't feel she could afford to go to the specialist she had been seeing).  Different doctor takes time to look at all the previous tests, MRI(s) and info.  He actually took the time to talk to her.  The results:  he feels she does not have Parkinson’s, rather it is a pinched nerve and wrong medications!!!  New doctor changed her meds and told her, she would feel like a new person in 30 days!

Last Saturday, was the first time she was able to sleep all night in over five years!

Now, that is a gift LADIES!
Praise God for HE is Good!
 ~ ~ ~ ~
I need you opinion....
first, remember to think "cheap" economical.
In 21 months (or there about) we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
We are planning to redo our wedding vowels.  Dh's uncle will officiate.  That is the only two things we are definite about.

We are doing this for two, we want to.  Secondly, we feel this will make a statement to our children and our grandchildren about the importance of commitment.

If you were going to redo your vowels, how would you plan it?  Would you go fancy or keep it super simple?  Would you have the ceremony at home or go away somewhere?  Would you have flowers?

A little background info....our wedding was simple.  We told our parents the night before, at 10:30 pm.  Then we got married in my parents' living room the next afternoon.  My mother and mother-in-love still managed to have a sit down dinner and a house full of flowers....

that was one of the reasons we waited until the night before.  They would have gone way overboard if they had been given anymore advance notice.

We were both twenty-five and no, I wasn't know!  (Oldest daughter was born three years and 2 months later).

The fact was, my younger sister had the big wedding.  I watched as she and Mom stressed and argued over every detail.  I didn't want four or five months of stress.  And we were ready.

Our anniversary is April 4th.  But because that falls during 'kidding" season with the goats, it is impossible for us to do anything from mid February until after the middle of April.  So, we will be doing whatever we decide, probably sometime in December.
We could go as early as November, but no later than December because during January the weather becomes so unpredictable.

In case you are wondering, why we are starting to plan so early (after all, we didn't the first time).....
the one place I really wanted to go (and even possibly take the whole family, if we could afford) is already completely booked anytime after mid January of 2013!  
Wanta take a peek, though?

(They are pretty pricey anyway.)
I looked at wedding dresses on ebay and the price isn't that bad; however, most do not look like they were designed for a person of my advanced age maturity.  Then I thought about a denim skirt with a really feminine white blouse.

If it is in December....I thought about using red roses, somehow....
Maybe a bouquet of 40 on the serving table ~ one for each year and carrying a small bridal bouquet made up of 5 ~ one for each child.  Does that sound dorkey?
(BTW, dh's favorite color is baby blue....not red.)

Anyway, what would you do?
 ~ ~ ~ ~
And now.....
it's Tuesday, so let's 

Pay It Forward!

You may already know my victim pick for this week. For me, she visits in my email inbox each day.  Her posts are always beautifully done, thought provoking and uplifting!

Last Wednesday blog post was one that really reached deep into my heart, it made me think, and it made  me miss a woman I never met.
It will make you rethink your priorities.

Be sure and stop by Holly's for more Pay It Forward posts.

Tomorrow is Building Our Homes Together!  Get your post written...about what's the Lord is doing in your home and link up.  He may be teaching you something new....or leading you to do something different.  Come share and be apart of tomorrow's gathering.

Love you much!


P.S.  I received word this morning, a precious friend of mine went to ER last night with chest pains.  They kept her overnight and will be running test today.  Her name is Glenis, if you would say a prayer for her.  Also, have another friend who's son will be going to court this morning over custody of his young daughter.  Please ask for this young man to have favor with the judge. 

The needs are great....aren't you glad we serve a greater God!

Thank are loved!


  1. As for renewing you wedding vows....i think it is a beautiful thing to do if that is something important to you! Sounds like you have already put lots of thought into it and have some wonderful ideas. I have a good friend who did it for their 25th & it was more special than their "original" wedding ;) The outfit sounds perfect and the five roses, one for each child would be especially meaningful. I am going to go check out the cottages when I leave here....I am sure they are something extra wonderful! I have never felt the need to renew our vows.....but we did take an extra special second honeymoon trip for our 25th anniversary that was just wasn't so much the destination as the renewing of our commitment and concentration on each other that sparked a renewed interest in our romance <3 it was just really special!! SInce that little trip our marriage has been closer and was a "God thing" if you will allow me to use a phrase I really don't like, becaue I think ALL of life is a "God thing"!!! But we concentrated on allowing Him to guide us and bless us & show us what we needed to concentrate on for the next few years of our togetherness. It was a true honeymoon!! We are on year 32 now and each year is better & better. God has just been so very good to us. So go for it sister!! Marriage is such a blessing from the Lord!

  2. are these cabins near beavers bend?? we go there with our church every is beautiful. these cabins are spectacular. I would love to get away to one of very special!!! LOVE THEM!! ;)

  3. ann voscamp is totally gifted by God! ;)

  4. HEY! These cabins are in! I might have to check them out someday.

    We are in our 32nd year and at our 25th, we both agreed that we did not want to have a renewal of our vows. LONG story, but it works for us.

  5. Duh...I can comment. Earlier I couldn't!

    Terry, one of these days, we'll have to meet at Beavers' Ben. That would be fun.

    Not sure why Holly didn't get her Pay It Forward meme up and going today. Hope all is well.

    Saska, thanks for coming and commenting.

    Hugs to you all!

  6. Okay......I am going to copy my comment and if it doesn't come up I will email you another email.

    I love your idea of renewing your vows. I have seen other's do it and one I remember was when my friend wore a cream lacy dress and an adorable cream hat. They had all the grandkids dressed real sweet if I remember and they were kind of part of the wedding. I think whatever you choose to do it is going to be so special for your family. What a testimony.

    The CABINS..........oh my. My sweetie and I have never gone on a honeymoon. This looks like a wonderful place to go. You will have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!Okay here I go I am coping and going to try to post.

    Hugs to you!!!!!!!!

  7. IT WENT UP.......... Yea! Love it! Wonder why it didn't work yesterday?

  8. I'm so praising God for His doing more than we could have ever asked, imagined or prayed for with Beverly. What an awesome God we serve!!Talk about an amazing powerful testimony. Glory to God...

    Funny you should ask about the wedding..seriously funny girl. Guess what we are planning? You got it..LOL. May will be our 25th...So we are planning on me wearing my wedding dress again...thinking of renting a hall (one where my parents are members..can get a deal)...may even have a band play. We have been discussing about sit down meal, buffet style, just having pizza and cold cuts, etc.

    It's going to be quite the party...could have guests up too 100 if not more....Since our marriage is such a hellllllllooooo 25 years..That IS totally God's doing and that's a FACT!!! We already know one song we will be having..and the children all know about it, since we have discussed this for two years now about it.."Hooked on a Feeling" chucka chucka, ooga chucka chucka, I can't stop this feeling, deep inside of Our children got a hoot out of it...That will be our 'entrance song' when we come in to the hall..with our children coming in first clapping to get everyone else up and start will also be going to the Church to renew our vows and have a ceremony there now I feel like a new bride planning for her wedding (never planned my first one, let my mother do it all. I couldn't care less. I picked my dress and that was it,,I just wanted to get married, didn't care about anything else,,LOL).

  9. Praying for Glenis and praising God with and for Beverly!

    I was going to ask for an invitation until you got to the roses. LOL. Bad allergies! But it sounds awesome! I think whatever you decide to do will be beautiful and special ... just like YOU!

  10. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Especially Beverly's story! That is amazing! It really blessed me.

    How exciting about your anniversary plans! My sweetheart and I will have our 25th this August. Thanking God for that :)

    By the way, do you have any of that homemade bread left you were talking about on Linda's blog? Oh, I could almost live on bread :D

    In Christ,

    Susan Montgomery


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