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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Friday First

Normally, Fridays are for Friday Fragments.

So, when I suggested to the Oklahoma Bloggers to do a meme about Oklahoma, why did I pick the last Friday of the month for Oklahoma, You're Doing Fine!?

But then, much of what I say is pretty fragmented. That's especially true, when talking about my life.

Growing up Okie, meant learning to crawl in a flat bottom fishing boat down on Little Sandy.

It involved falling off the second story church three doors down while playing hiding & seek.

It was swimming at Lee's Park on hot summer days, while listening to All Shook Up on the jute box.

It was digging potatoes or picking corn over July 4th, turning the hand crank of the ice cream freezer, and then sitting on top of the pile of old quilts covering the freezer while the ice cream "set."

It was going to California and while crossing the state line from Arizona into California, having the state inspector shine the flashlight in the car window and laugh at our bare feet. "Yep, you're from Oklahoma!." He was, too. As was half the Indian dancers at Disney Land (our Mom visited with all of them. One was kin the the Aldridge family that had built hotels in Ada, Wewoka and other Oklahoma towns.)

It was eating Watermelon in the backyard with all the neighbors and washing off with the water hose.

It was skipping school and going here:

And later, once grown, learning your own kids did the same thing, only they went here:

It was spending days fishing on Texoma or getting to climb the caves at Robbers Cave with cousins. The same cousins who were the enemy when you were heavily involved in a war. The ammo was mud and the clothesline was the "front". Mom's freshly washed sheets....well, let's just say, we never did that again.

What is was, was grand!

Can you name this popular Oklahoma picnic area of the 50's & 60's? It is closed now. There is a prize for the correct answer! You have until next Friday.

For Friday Fragments, visit Mrs.4444 at Half-Past Kissing Time. For more posts about Oklahoma (hopefully) checkout the Links below.

Again, many thanks to my friends Beth and Katie! I could not have done this without you!

Be sure and check in tomorrow. I'm going to show you what I recently won and tell you what you'll have a chance to win! This is my 100th post!

Wade's Wisdom:

Stir Fry Cooks come from all woks of life.



  1. A lot of that can be said about growing up a Georgia Peach, too! :o)

  2. Great post, Cheryl! My husband has an aunt and uncle who live in Oklahoma City. They both love Oklahoma!

  3. I drove through the Panhandle last summer. Does that count for anything?!

  4. Love this! I've never been to Oklahoma, and I love the way you've described it. Makes me want to go!

  5. Sounds like a ton of fun to grow up in Oklahoma. I did a year in Tulsa in 1986ish.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Caution Flag,

    No, we don't count the panhandle. LOL I'm just kidding, all you people out there in no man's land.

  7. I'll be back to link up later. My brain is extra foggy today so I'm just cruising around commenting giving myself time to rise above the fog before actually writing something. :)

  8. Cheryl, this is a great meme. I've got my post up, and it's so fun to travel down memory lane. Thanks.~~Dee

  9. Well better late than never - I got mine up at 10:46 PM! I hope to get better and more creative as time goes on!

  10. I had a big smile on my face when I read your post, because I have been thinking about doing something similar for my state. (But haven't gotten anything organized with the other gals here yet. ) Anyway, enjoyed reading your Oklahoma post! My Grandfather was born in Oklahoma, but then his family moved to Arkansas. After he married my Grandmother, they moved to Oregon. (just before the dust bowl.)

  11. I had time this morning to come back and read you stories. Ahhh to be a kid again..what lovely stories and memories you have! What is the spot you snuck away to? I can't tell but it looks worth sneaking off to!

  12. My sister recently moved to Tulsa, so I sent the link to this post to her :) Actually, your stories remind me a lot of growing up in Wisconsin! Good times....

  13. Katie, that is a picture of Turner Falls, outside of Davis, OK. The lake my crew went to is Lake of the Arbuckles (Arbuckle Lake), which is outside of Sulphur. Sulphur and Davis are only ten miles apart. Besides the Falls, Davis is also home to Arbuckle Wilderness.

    Over at the lake there are cliffs, you can jump off...well, maybe not you, but some of the kids might enjoy. It is a wonderful lake for boating and camping. It is spring fed and the water is pretty clear. We never have caught a lot of fish there, though.

    BTW - I never have jumped off the cliffs either, but have climbed them in order to help keep an eye on the climbers and jumpers to make sure no one caught too rowdy.

    Also, this same area is home to Chickasaw National Park. It is well worth the trip. And Davis is just off I-35.

  14. Sorry....

    to make sure no one caught too rowdy....should be "got too rowdy". Guess I was still thinking a but the fish that refused to be caught.;-)


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