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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday and Where is spring?

Wishing for this!

Receiving this!

It’s Saturday! Shalom! Peace, sweet peace and quiet...almost! After having a grand total of all 11 kids for a little over 24 hours, having had many in and out over the past week, we are down to two! Amazingly, two kids are pretty quiet after having a houseful.

The good/bad news is – the last two days have been beautiful, but it started raining last night. Not just raining, but a huge spring thunderstorm with lighting, pounding rain, etc. Today it is *warning, four letter word *ahead* snow! It is March 20th - -snow?! Not just snow, a 24 hour blizzard. Well, that’s just great. Isn’t it the first of spring? I mean we are six weeks (and then some) past Ground Hog Day.

Actually, the ground is so warm, even if it snows it’s heart out, how much snow will remain on the ground for longer than a few hours, days? But that brings up another *word* mud!

As I was dusting today (I do that occasionally), I was musing over the fact that living in the country, I am always fighting either dust or mud. For when we have mud is the only time we don’t have dust (well, nearly). Of the two, I prefer dust. Why, because if you keep the mini blinds closed and the lights low *candles are good here* you have a more difficult time seeing the dust, unless some smart aleck writes his name in it.

Yesterday morning for breakfast I cooked 1 pkg (12 oz.) of bacon, 1 can of spam (special request from one of the grand-dudes), and 1 package of beef smoked sausage (some of us are trying to give up pork). Along with that they consumed one dozen eggs, 2/3 of a (large) box of Rice Krispies, 1 gal. of orange juice, 10 bananas, at least 4 oranges, and toast. I felt like I had fed a small (but determined) army! Imagine my surprised when 45 minutes later they wanted to know if they could go on a picnic. I made them wait 2 hours. It was torture, but I did it anyway (and loved it).*

pay attention (just kidding you!) – they needed the red food coloring to make it appear to be fire coming from the volcanoes. And yes, they did it again yesterday, when one cousin showed up that was not familiar with the fine art of making volcanoes. (I figure at least they will know how to freshen plumbing drains when they grow up, so it wasn’t a total lost. As a matter of fact, (being the home school person I am), I could list this under *creative play* - *life skills* - *simple science* (well, you really get a chemical reaction) or under a number of other subjects! At least, they came up with the idea on their own - *maybe creative thinking skills*.

Anyway, nine went home last night, and it is quiet and I miss them. But so glad I am not going to be cooped up in the house with all of them if this snow really gets going. I’d have to loot a grocery store!

*My Health Walk* ***Warning, gross conversation ahead***

I gave up on my fast for this week. After making a million P&J sandwiches (and having to lick the knife before putting it in the sink), I figured I was fighting a loosing battle. But I did try to work on the candida cleanse – avoiding sugar, wheat, starch, etc. Interestingly, the candida cleanse I am using has several herbs that are somewhat drying. I have also been taking a product called Lungs Clear, trying to dry out the last residue of the crud. I really didn’t consider the affect of taking both herbal combinations at the same time. (Probably why it isn’t always a good ideal to be your own doctor.) But for the last couple of days, I have itched like crazy! So I upped the amount of Omega oils I was taking. Last night my hands itched so bad, I got up and mixed olive oil with some lavender essential oil and messaged into my hands to get some relief. I slept wonderfully afterwards. *gross part* I went to the bathroom this morning to do my morning *umhm* thing, and passed a parasite! Lands, I was shocked, because I wasn’t doing a parasite cleanse, but the combination I was “accidentally” taking evidently dried the poor critter up! Glad he is no longer a part of me.

BTW – for what it is worth, everyone should do a parasite cleanse twice a year.

Going to work on the fast starting this coming Monday.

*The Promise, My Spiritual Walk*

With the sighting of the New Moon and the barley being ripe in Israel, we begin a new Biblical year. It is an exciting time as we move closer to Passover (and closer to the Sacrifice Yeshua (Jesus) made for each of us). May this year be one that brings each of us to a deeper revelation of His presence!

Last night (Friday) at sundown began the Biblical Sabbath and the Parsha study (Torah portion) for this week, which is from the first five chapters of Leviticus and is titled Vayikra, which means “And He Called”. May your heart hear His call and may He shower each of you with blessings!


  1. I am hoping you get spring soon!

  2. Just so you know ... I always pay attention! :) I'm glad to know they were making fiery volcanoes rather some other red option! My sweet son would have loved to grown up in your family. He's 13 years younger than his closest sibling and we had no close (in location) cousins. So for us home schooling was largely a solo-act. I did keep him in PE, art and music classes as well as AWANA and Sunday school so he was around other kids a lot but there was always part of him, and me, that longed for a big busy family!

    I have done parasite cleanses several times and never yet had a face to face with one of the little critters! Probably should be grateful for that! :)

    I'd be interested in hearing more about your Jewish heritage and how you came to Yeshua one of these days! :)

    Yes, "Libby," is my mom but Libby is her maiden name. She goes by Sue. She's impressed with some of your comments on my blogs. I wouldn't be surprised to find her lurking around here somewhere.

    Hope you're having a good weekend in spite of the weather! We hanging out in the warm house watching TV and cruising the net while the snow falls outside our windows! Was going to go to a movie but the roads are already bad. I did a 360 on my way home from work which I didn't enjoy nearly as much now as I did when it happened while I was in the back seat as a kid in Maine!

    I picked up some fried chicken for lunch and Josiah is hoping for several orders of Dominos cheesy bread for dinner. Doesn't sound like a good day for the diet but I'm not sure I really care at the moment. And by the way ... peanut butter is a no no when Candida cleansing. Just sayin'!

  3. I didn't get much (PB), Beth. I had wiped the knife pretty clean.

    I think peanut butter is one of the most difficult foods for me to give up. I would have peanut butter toast every morning for breakfast.;-) And I can make a box of Town House crackers and peanut butter disappear faster than the kids. LOL

    Doing a 360 when you are older isn't near as much fun as when you are young - did we really used to do that on purpose? - but it does leave a more mature person in a state of excitement...or maybe a near heart attack state.

    We are staying in today too! Playing on the computer, watching movies, reading and studying....a nap is on my list, too! Dh is keeping an eye on the animals in between naps and surfing. Hard to believe the boys went fishing yesterday!

    We had scrambled eggs and Texas toast for breakfast. I should put on a pot of soup for dinner, but not sure yet. Nothing sounds great.

    Tell your sweet Mama just to come on over! Wish you lived closer.


  4. I can't imagine feeding a crowd that much food. Wow. You deserve a medal...or you should open a B&B...cuz you'd be great at it. Sorry you are having snow...our temp is a gorgeous mid 70's and sunny. Finally!
    Never had a parasite come from me...but have done cleanses.
    Rest and enjoy your quiet moments this weekend.

  5. Hi Cheryl, it is also rain and more rain where we are!

    My frogs are happy!!!

    The wild plum tree we have at the bottom of the garden is blossoming! A little hint of spring!

    Have a beautiful Sunday! xxx

  6. I am following you now - love this blog and it gave me a great idea for my button - thanks!!!

  7. Thanks, Crystal. Let me know when you get your button made. I'll grab it. I need to grab several, come to think of it.


  8. I am keeping my ONE grandchild tonight and along with 3 kids here and their friends...I am tired! Can't imagine having that many over at once! I'm sure it'll happen someday with us having six kids! Lovely weather we're having isn't it?

  9. Love the volcano fun - they must love being with you.

    Hope Spring gets to us all soon! I'm sooooooooooo ready.

  10. Amazing breakfast! But wow. That parasite thing? I've never heard of such a thing. Off to Google...


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