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Friday, March 5, 2010

It Is Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments has joined forces this week with Friday Night Leftovers. It is kind of like a two for one sale in the BloggyWorld! Come on and join the fun!

Wow! For me, this week has passed in a blurrr! We have added four new baby goats since last Wednesday and it looks like we could add two or three more this weekend. They are so cute.

For you who have been here this past week, “orphan girl” is staying outside tonight with her buddies! I hope she doesn’t figure out how to pick the door lock.

I have one of the funniest stories I ever heard (it came by way of Frannie, of course!) and I have permission to post it. She says, I don’t even have to change the names to protect the guilty. After all, she didn’t and she sent it to over 400 people! After much consideration, I decided not to post on Friday Fragments. It is just too long. So check back Saturday morning, but be careful ~ you’ll most likely wet your pants laughing!

The boys are doing much better with their multiplication this week. Such an improvement! What’s the difference? I made them sit down and count by twos, threes, fours, and fives all week. Over and over. You know what? It “clicked” for them!

I received one of those phone calls, the one you dread this morning (no, it wasn’t from the gov’t.). It was from my oldest. Her husband and a friend had gone from OKC to Tulsa to pick up something for the church. They were in a major wreck. I still don’t have all the details, other than David (my sil) and Travis (the friend) seem to be okay. The other driver had to be cut out of the car and taken by ambulance. I don’t have any more information on the driver’s condition. Please keep the driver of the other vehicle in your prayers.

I will try to finish working on the giveaway and post the winner over the weekend (although it looks like I may have extra kids (the 2 legged variety, depending on how David feels).

Last night, I had this amazing dream. I was in a helicopter and it was full of the most beautiful tropical flowers. It was landing on a gorgeous sandy beach with crystal clear blue water. I couldn’t see the pilot, but I think I need to quit watching Magnum reruns before going to bed.

Evidently, I’m not the only one dreaming ~
Wade’s Wisdom ~ I had a nightmare that farm animals on facebook were raising imaginary people.
Enjoy this weekend!

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your son-in-law and his friend being in an accident. I'll be praying for them...please keep us updated on how they are in a day or so.

    Will look forward to the funny story tomorrow!:)

    If "orphan girl" figures out how to get inside, you may have to change the locks! lol One time when our kids were primary/junior age, we brought a calf in the house (living room) in a wooden box because it needed to be where it was warmer after birth. Trust me, I understand why you are glad "orphan girl" is outside with her buddies now. ~wink~

  2. Sorry about that wreck I've already said a prayer for all involved.

    I love that dream of yours. Of course, I still love Magnum, too :)

  3. Sorry about that accident- they'll be in my thoughts.

    Seems like your herd is growing!

  4. Hi! I'm a newbie to the Friday Fragments gang. Loving all the funny little stories! Also an Okie ... well transplanted Yankee but I've been here longer than I was there!

  5. Thanks for coming over to Leftovers this week, horray!!!!

    That dream of your sounds awesome, but more importantly, how fabulous was that show? Now I'll need to find it on TV and catch an episode.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!

    I hope everyone involved in the accident is okay!

  7. I think if I were you I'd continue to to watch Magnum reruns before bed. That dream rocked.

    Prayers for those involved in the accident.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident.

  9. Dreams seem so real sometimes; the good ones are wonderful. The bad ones can feel equally "real." The other night, I dreamt that Kendall was in danger of being kidnapped, and I woke myself up screaming for her. Thankfully, she is just fine and in no danger, of course, but wow.

    I'll say a prayer for those in the accident right now...


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