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Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Friday!

Mommy's Idea

The following photo has nothing to do with this post. He is for sale. I want him. I was told, no way. I am sure we will be discussing alpacas again. LOL

Things You Learn Over Spring Break

I know you are thinking, Cheryl home-schools, so what could possibly be the big deal?! Yes, I do home school, but spring break means the other grands are here, the distant cousins from across the pasture are here, and occasionally even a cousin’s cousin shows up!

“It’s too hot to play outside.”

*Really?! It’s 60 degrees. What will you do come August?*

“Why do I have to carry out the trash? So & so doesn’t have too!”

*Because I said and because So & so doesn’t live here.*

“Can I have another juice box?”

*Not right now.*

“Why, Elijah got a juice?”

*It’s his first. You’ve had three!”

“But I’m thirsty.”

*Drink some water.”

“What are we having for – breakfast? – lunch? – supper?”


“But I’m hungry!”

And to think, I was looking forward to summer.

The nice little guy showed up with the census form today. Looking over the questions, it asks how many people live in your house as of April 1st? *Only one. I plan on kicking everyone else out!* (I can always blame it on April Fools.)

While I was looking over the census form, the herd of kids took my baking soda and vinegar outside to pour into the volcanoes they made in the sand. That wasn’t enough. I caught them when they came back for some red food coloring!

With the new moon and it now on the increase, we had another baby goat. A little buck. So far this season we have 2 does, 3 bucks. I read somewhere, if you wanted more does to add vinegar to the buck’s drinking water. We may have to try that next year. Wonder if this has any scientific basis?

Wade’s Wisdom:

I learned something amazing today. Almond Bark contains neither almonds nor barks. Talk amongst yourselves...

And while you are talking among yourselves, go by Mrs. 4444 for more Friday Fragments. Then head over to checkout the cool Leftovers at Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks.

The Girl Creative

It is also New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative.....go make some friends!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Give that alpaca a good home!! :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Goodness girl, you've been busy! Keep those kids in line, lol!

  3. Hi Cheryl, hope you are well, thank you for stopping by.
    The collage question: you can download for free from google this program called Picasa 3 and install it, it will thumbnail all your pictures already there and do the same when you had new pictures, do not worry, it is a good thing! As it is a photo editing program you can have a lot of fun with it. Hence the collages. If you have any problems, there are Youtube videos of how to use it, or please ask and I will be delighted to help!

    Have a great day! xxx

    PS: I would love to see the picture of the baby goat!

  4. Does the baby goat have a name?

    This week was my spring break and I had really looked forward to my alone time. Then the kids got sick and stayed home. And then the youngest two had two half days. I don't mind at all :)

  5. Do you have other llamas?

    Oh, I love the census form answer. Can I do that too? :)

  6. ok where will the alpaca live? have the kids do a project to build the pen....they say if you build it they will come! ha ha!
    spring break...when do mom's get spring break. I want one!

  7. Oh the alpaca looks so cute and cuddly. Does he smell though or eat?

    I love the kids' comments. It's constant!
    Quick, lovk the back door while they are out making volcanos!

  8. That alpaca is adorable! I would want him too! Wonder if he would get along with my german shepherd better than my pomeranian does?

    Vinegar in water makes at least as much sense as the peeled branches that Jacob used to cause dark or spotted lambs! I still don't get that story but I am a city girl ... born and bred!

    Why did they want red lava? ... Because they are kids and "Ooooh Gross" is always better than just plain "oooooh."

    LOL at the 60* day being too hot for playing outside! Love your response!

  9. All this Ozarks farm chick has to do is bat my big browns and Hubby melts and the word NO just disappears from his vocabulary! Heeehehe, come on sister...own that alpaca! I just popped over from Mrs. 4444's to read the 'frags'.

    God bless and have a fabulous Friday from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

  10. I don't know anyone who has an alpaca, and you might be the first.

    Gotta love those kids always asking and whining and trying to get away with things. Sounds like me when I was that age.

  11. Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by! I love finding new bloggy friends. I will follow you back, so glad you found me.

  12. My little guy asked me this morning if we'd had dinner yet. I asked him why. He said he was hungry. Kids are great! ;O)
    Love the alpaca...we live close to an alpaca farm. We drive by and you can see them from the road.

  13. Hey Cheryl,

    I was gone all day today, so I am late getting around to visiting blogs and doing comments. I got on your blog about half an hour ago to leave you a comment. I got so involved in reading today's post and laughing so hard that my hubby finally couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to know what was so funny. Then I read him your post (of course!) and by the time I was finished reading him the "conversations" between you and yours (all done with proper voice inflections) he was laughing as hard as I was! I loved it and needed that bit of humor!
    May I please come live at your house?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  14. Goodness sakes! The Girl Creative isn't lying when she says she's creative, is she?!

    Alpacas make nice yarn...there's an argument for you! (Don't tell him about the spitting.)

    I can't WAIT for spring break!!!! (No little ones here.) Sure loved your excellent depiction of what's going on in your house, haha.

  15. Maybe the alpaca could just kinda/sorta wander over.

    I'm visiting from New Friends Friday and how can I not follow have a pig named Bacon!

  16. The Alpaca is terribly cute, I can totally see how you'd want him ;)

    Wait... what in the WORLD is in Almond Bark if there are no almonds?

  17. I used to work the night shift, and at 3:00 every morning would catch the alpaca informercial while eatting my dinner! I have to admit that after the 31st viewing, I wanted an alpaca as well!


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