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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello. My Name Is Cheryl

Hello. My name is Cheryl and I am a blogger. It has been five days since I blogged.

Sorry, I have brain “crud” disease. I really am sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Decided it was time I brought you in on the life changing events that have been taking place around here.

Remember him?

Sorry, about the picture quality. The little scamp would not be still!

First and most importantly, this little critter was found! He was discovered about two hours after he went MIA. Rather than wait until morning to give his rear the boot, he was escorted immediately to the first set of cedar trees in the pasture!

David (son-in-law) is still sore. He was suppose to go to the doctor yesterday to get the results of x-rays, etc. However, their van was acting ugly and had to be brought to Papaw for correction.

Papaw was able to set the van to rights. But because he was working on the van, he couldn’t work on the drain lines (to the house), that were slowly refusing to drain. That is today’s project. (But, hey! It got me out of cooking supper last night! We had pizza instead.) (Just learning to dance in the rain.)

With my remaining aches, pains and the crud that seems to have affected everyone this year, having eight kids under one roof for five days was – difficult, interesting, challenging, fun, terrible, funny – you name it and we experienced it! All the animal babies got more TLC (sometimes it was a little lacking on the tender) than most animals receive in a lifetime. And I moved into an area of some kind of brain fog that is just now beginning to lift.

Speaking of animals – more to the point – speaking of dogs, we have inherited two new poochies. Kit is a long hair Chihuahua, reddish-brown and white (looks like she could be a strange relative of mama horse). We took her per Elijah’s birthday request from a family who could no longer keep her. She’s about three months old. Then came Petey. He is a small short hair Chihuahua with black spots and black markings on white. He is two months and his original owners referred to him as “Pokka Dot”. However, he looks a little like a miniature Petey from the Little Rascals. Then we got a call about a mini black and tan dachshund, about a year old. We were going to accept him, thinking it wouldn’t take long to find a great home, but in the end the owners decided they couldn’t get rid of the little fella. (He is so small, when put outside he goes through the fence.)

The ugly white rooster is scared to death of Kit! He is so mean, I can’t believe he is scared of such a little dog. But while he is scared, we have a red hen who has never exhibited a mean feather on her body and she has put the fear into Kit. I will have to take some pictures once the sun shines enough to dry out part of our lakefront property! They are all so funny to observe.

No more baby goats, yet. Every night we think we will wake up to find new babies with their mamas, but so far - nada! The other babies are doing great, even the “lil orphan girl.”

This is about all my brain can handle for now. Three of the grands returned home yesterday after David and Papaw worked on the their van. Only five here today and it is almost quiet. Very strange, but nice.

Once the drain lines are cleared, I have a ton of dishes and laundry to work on. Two of the boys are complaining with headaches and are lying down. I think they are exhausted from all the extra activity day and night, so we are going to take school easy today. Maybe we should declare the rest of this week spring break and then do school next week when the schools are out.

If you are looking for something that sounds wonderful for dinner tonight, check out Katie’s Honey Orange-Glazed Chicken at Dishin’ and Dishes. I think we are going to give it a try tonight. I asked Katie if she delivers. No word yet. LOL

While I was sidelined from posting, I did find the time to visit several your blogs and that was nice. I need to work out some sort of system, whereby I can touch base with everyone on a regular basis. But figuring how to achieve that will have to wait for another day. Anyone have a suggestion?

Also, if you are an Oklahoma Blogger, I made a suggestion that once a month we blog about Oklahoma in some form or fashion and link our sites. If you are interested please let me know. There is also a button for the Oklahoma Bloggers Club at the bottom of the page.

And now for the important news!! The winner of the Jacquie Lawson gift account is (TADA) Unknown Mami. Be sure and leave me a comment, so I can figure out how to bestow this gift! (Well, you know I am challenged, technically speaking!)

May the remaining part of this week be wonderfully blessed for you and your families!

P.S. Just got the green light on doing dishes!


  1. Ahhh there you are!!! So glad you've popped back in!! Hope your week settles down and life is good!

    wv: in, I love me some homegrown 'maters!

  2. Cheryl, normally I don't deliver, but I'm pretty sure I would for you! Just name the time and place! I hope you enjoy the chicken tenderloins!

    We too have adopted a new dog - a girl maltese to go with our boy and I have already fallen madly in love with her as she's a cuddler and our Max ISN'T! must be blog disruption week - I have been on strike too..and I'm not sure why? Sometimes I think we just need a rest and to deal with life?

  3. P.S.S. Great idea on Oklahoma - I made a section for it on my blog, but have been sorely lacking in doing posts for that section - this will get me going!

  4. Ahhh...there you are my friend! Glad to have a post from you to enjoy! Sure sounds like there is never have a dull moment around your house. Sorry that so much has "hit" at one time...but glad you are learning to dance in the rain! ~wink~...that brought a smile to my face.

  5. Hi! I'm glad you found time to write a blog for a couple of reasons. First just because I enjoyed reading it and second because it gives me an opportunity to return some comment love! :) But believe me I totally understand life keeping you off the computer! Taking the rest of the week off sounds awesome but then back in the days when I was home schooling ... everything sounded like a good reason to take a day off! LOL! Hope you get beautiful sunny days and dry fields so you can shoo the kiddos out to play for a bit! Enjoy the break!

  6. By the way ... bunny baby is adorable! I would have been sorely tempted to make him a pet!

  7. girl, you make me tired just reading your blog!! glad to know you have just been busy & that everything is ok! hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you...i have to go get my bread in the oven!!

  8. Update:

    The orange glaze chicken was great! (I don't know whether to say...Everyone liked it ...or...No one complained! You who have raised/are raising kids understand.)

    We have tried to raise wild baby rabbits and in the end we have never been successful. So, finally we have learned to turn them back to their habitat. We did raise a baby bob cat once and a baby squirrel. (I was offered a bear cub....dh looked at me like I had lost my mind.) I should say, we are friends with our vet...and that explains some of our animal escapades! LOL

  9. Hi Cheryl,
    I just found where you stopped by this evening. I wanted to come back and tell you how tickled that I am that you recognized one of the tins in my post today, as one that your mother had also! A little more common ground.

    I'm sorry for the fact that at each time my grandmother gave me one of those three tins that I didn't ask her specific questions about how it came into her possession so that I could relate it others. But...for now...I'm happy with knowing that they once belonged to her and that she gave each one to me herself because I was the one she wanted to have them. Kind of like "guarding" precious treasure...ya know?

    Thanks again for taking time to stop by today!

  10. Wow, you're definitely staying busy!

    As far as keeping up with others- I try to take some time 2 evenings a week after Boy goes to bed, and that's my reading time for catching up.

  11. Aaw that bunny is adorable! I tried to save one too but he died:( Your two new pets sound wonderful..I REALLY want to come and hang out at your place:)

  12. Glad you found your bunny! I found you on Mommie life, and just added your button! I'm excited to keep reading and check in often. :)

  13. Get out of town! I won? Really? Thank you. I don't know what info you need from me, but my email is


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