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Friday, April 23, 2010

Awards, Troubles, and the End of the Giveaway!

This award is from the dynamic blogger…of All These Things, the lovely Adrienne. Please go by and say hi! (You will really like her!)

I have to share 10 random things about myself and then pass this award on to 10 of my favorite bloggers.

1. I am short (5’1”) and hubby is tall. We look like Mutt and Jeff.

2. I am OCD about some things ~ dishes done, trash carried out, and the bathroom cleaned. Pretty much everything else is, “when I get around to it.”

3. I learned to crawl in the bottom of a boat. My folks loved to fish.

4. I have one sister, she is four years younger and lives outside of Chicago.

5. I enjoy painting, as in oil paints, but rarely have time anymore.

6. I love classical guitar music, such as Mason Williams.

7. My first job after graduating high school was with the FBI in the district of criminals.

8. I enjoy movies that make me laugh.

9. I love to read (almost more than eating!) and would list my favorite authors, but that would be a post in itself!

10. Okay, this is the long one, so get ready (after all, April is National Humor Month). You know we live in the country and you probably have guessed we love animals; however, we once had a rooster that I hated (even more than the mean, ugly rooster we have now). One day I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes looking out the window. Hubby was in the back bathroom taking a shower. I kept watching this rooster out the window and the more I watched, the angrier I got. Finally, I did it! I marched into the bedroom and got the .22 out of the closet, loaded it and (without thinking) went out and shot that hateful old bird. Unfortunately, I didn’t mention my intentions to honey hunk before I did the deed. He came flying out the back door with a towel wrapped around him trying to figure out what the dickens was going on. He didn’t use the word “dickens”. He also informed me, he would appreciate a little advance notice the next time I decided to shoot something. That was several years ago. The only thing I’ve shot since then was a copperhead snake and honey hunk wasn’t home at the time.;-)

Okay, moving right along, I now have to pick ten! But first (a word from our sponsor…hahaha), do you own a tart warmer? This is the Candle Giveaway Question of the Day! Leave me a comment.

I am going to pick five of my newer favorite blogs and five of my older favorite blogs. And since I love you all with equal amounts of zeal and favor, I don’t want anyone to feel left out. I still have five winners I need to choose from the Sunshine Award and another ten from another award, plus I have an award I am designing…so, if you are not on this list, stay tuned!

Winners of The Honest Scrap Award: (in no particular order)

Caution Flag at The Human Race 600

The Gals over at Real Housewives of Oklahoma

Melinda at Melinda’s Fabric Fantasies

Dawn at Dawn’s Diversions

Steph at Katie What Can U Do

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee

Okay, I selected 6, and then my laptop refused to connect to the internet. I fiddled with this crazy thing until after 2:00 a.m. this morning and then was on the phone most of the day with AT&T, trying to diagnose the problem. Finally, about 8:00 tonight (Friday), I am back!

In order to get this posted, I am once again cutting the list short, but I will finish and pass the awards along like a good "girl" or not....sorry. If you really, really, want the award....grab it! I won't tell a soul. Promise. For one thing, it takes time ....lots of time, to check to see who has already rec'd the award and some days, time is a valuable commodity around here.

(Psssttt....Adrienne, if you are here....I really do thank you for the award! I love you for thinking of me! I do. And you can award me with any award you see fit! I'll get caught up one of these days ~ soon!! Hugs!)

Also, this is the last question for the giveaway..(the one above), but I am going to include any and all comments through Sunday night the 25th. I think I was suppose to close the contest out tonight, but after being off line for nearly 24 hours, that doesn't seem fair. So, comment away!

And now for NEW BUSINESS ~ I think I am going to do something a little "controversial" concerning my weight or rather the need to shed some of this weight! I have been studying and praying about trying something new and totally different. And because it is a process most are not familiar with, I am going to share my experience with you, along with blogging about my weight loss journey. Normally, I wouldn't do this....I mean, why set myself up for criticism if I fall on my face, but on the other hand, I am believing this has the potential to keep me honest!

Therefore, if you are like me and need to loose some of the extra baggage trying to hang on your lovely frame....stay tuned and check back!

This concludes our meeting for today (unless I have another bright idea before I crash), for now I need to do some studying.

Have a very blessed weekend!


  1. LOL! I LOVE that you went out and shot that mean rooster! It reminded me of a Dominic rooster we had when I was used to attack us in the pen when we'd go out to get the eggs every morning.
    The last time it did, was when it jumped on my youngest brother's back and was pecking the heck outta him. My dad came running amidst our screams and well...we had chicken and dumplings that night! LOL

  2. Oh my. I have never had a rooster, but I have heard people talk about them being mean before. He must have been a really awful for you to decide that his time was up.
    Have you posted any pictures of your oil paintings? Maybe I need to go back and look through your older posts?
    Do you like Christopher Parkening too? (classical guitar)
    I am trying to lose some wight too. These last 4-5 weeks have gone really well.. I think I lost somewhere between 10-12 lbs... I'm watching my portion sizes and eating lots of vegetables.

  3. Cheryl,
    I love classical guitar too and movies that make me laugh. Can't believe you worked for the have to be really smart to land one of those...I'm very impressed!!

    Looking forward to your weight loss inspiration. I need all the help I can get in that! I just stay "stuck" all the time. *sigh*

    Okay...gotta to day 2 of the boring yard sale.

  4. Thanks for the award! Loved your randomness. I've never known a rooster . What kinds of mean things do they do? And what is a tart warmer? There is so much I need to learn!!

  5. "I learned to crawl in the bottom of a boat. My folks loved to fish." I really love that one; the through, and the way your wrote it. Nice.

    Good luck with your weightloss plan-It sounds like you mean business.

    Nice job taking care of the mean rooster AND keeping your husband on his toes! :)

  6. Still laughing at the rooster story...sounds like something I would do. I was flogged by a hen when I was 4 (I took one of her cute little yellow chicks).

    I, too, LOVE to read. Have been a voracious reader since childhood.

    Ah yes, weight loss. I am on that journey myself.

    Yep, I own a candle warmer. Actually have a couple of them. One of the best things ever invented. Haven't actually burned a candle in years. The smell throughout the house is what I am interested in anyway.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

    ~~blessed be...

  7. Cheryl - I am learning to crawl in the bottom of a boat right husband loves to fish!! Great rooster story - can you eat roosters? Haha

    I emailed you...I wonder if you're not getting my emails? I am not moving to blogspot, that is my old blog but I guess when I log onto my Google account and leave comments sometimes, it redirects to the old blog. I need to figure out how to change that.

    Have a blessed weekend my friend!

  8. First, thanks for visiting me. My door is always open to new company. I have you beat by 2 inches only..Dear One and I both got the short end of the stick but the family genes on both sides came out in our son who is 6'6". I, too , love any guitar music. I have the first guitar my Dad bought for my Mom. I also love reading when I get the chance, a good comedy suits me fine, and I relish the opportunity to 'get even' with a mean rooster. There were plenty of them at the farm., and still are. My sister once challenged a goose that kept pinching her. She swung him around her head a few times, let go and he ended up all the way down by the barn. He never pinched her again. Thanks for sharing YOU!
    The FBI? WOW. I'll be real good.
    Come see me again

  9. As a humble boat sales chick I think learning to crawl in the bottom of a boat is beautiful! it is funny too...I am finally here I played at the beach all day with buggy and some good friends and now I am reading blogs and catching up!

  10. thank you so much for the award....I appreciate you thinking of me! I have had several mean roosters, so I appreciate that you took the gun to him......I liked reading your list........

  11. Cheryl, you are just too sweet!! Thank you for the award. Also, I wanted to thank you for your prayers during the past few days.

    Your rooster story made me spit my pop! Too funny!

    I love to read too! Have you read any of Nancy Moser's books? She's a Christian author.

    I got a tart warmer for my birthday in December it's made by Tyler. I love it!


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