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Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Mommy's Idea

Be sure and stop by Half- Past Kissing Time for more Friday Fragments!

"G’night, Mary Ellen"

"G’night, Jim Bob"

Oh, sorry. Remember this family who shared our living rooms? Remember when Mary Ellen called Elizabeth a piss-ant? (sorry, but that always makes me laugh)

Anyway, this week I learned that Earl Hamner, Jr., creator/writer of the popular 70’s series has a blog, You, Me and the Lamp Post. And he very graciously has recently written an update about each of the actors who made up the cast of the Walton family. It was interesting reading about where and what each was doing.

Spring has sprung and our kidding season is over with for this season. Eleven new babies joined the family, at least for a short time. We are earmarking three does as keepers.

Jailen (5 y/o) is learning the books of the Bible. Wish you could hear him say Deuteronomy! Deuteronomy has plenty syllables on its own, but Jailen adds at least two extras, sometimes three! Cracks me up.

Speaking of up, I have lettuce and salad greens coming up. I am dreaming of a fresh wilted salad coming my way very soon.

The boys and I have spent the last few days planning summer projects and what we'll be studying the next few months. They want some of these ~

Tomorrow, Saturday, I am announcing a great giveaway! Stop back by and join in the fun. And no, the prize is not a turkey. (I'll save that for November!)

'Til then


  1. Deuteronomy is a really tough word! You sound so busy! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit with me.

  2. Is it a Kid? Maybe one of the males? (Sorry, I don't know what they are called - buck, like a deer? hmmmm... You'll have to inform me!)

  3. I don't think I could spell Deuteronomy without cheating!

    I LOVED the Waltons and need to check out his blog. Thanks!

  4. Are you going to get the turkeys? Can I come and play with them? Ooooh ..they kind of freak me out tho!

    Fresh salad sounds awesome! Last night, I planted some herb plants - I found Thai basil at Home Depot! Was so excited! I have seed starters of about 10 differents herbs in my house ready to go out this weekend!

  5. man I used to watch the Waltons all the time...I need to check this out ...Sorry I have not stopped by lately I am a slacker ...Hope you have a fun weekend

  6. I learned all the books of the Bible, old and new testament, in Sunday school when I was in the third grade. I can still recite a good many of them. :) I was rather excited about it -- the church I attended gave me an engraved Bible with my name on it.

    Chickens. Oh no. I'll take turkeys.

  7. Sounds like a beautiful life. Oh, I see. You live in Oklahoma. That explains it.

  8. We have goats, chickens and ducks. Will probably get rid of the goats this spring so we can go camping.

    The boys (adults) can stay here and handle the chicks and ducks while we're gone.

    Visiting from Friday Frags

  9. Hello there, my friend,
    I always so enjoy your Friday Fragments. I loved the Waltons as a kid and I still love them. Have almost the entire set collected now on DVD.

    May I go ahead and sign up for the November giveaway. ~wink~


  10. I remember watching the Waltons, and all those g'nights.

    And they have to be the prettiest looking turkeys I've ever seen.

  11. Used to watch them all the time! I'm a little late in reading it - but I loved it!


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