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Friday, April 30, 2010

Oscar and Oklahoma

Jenny Matlock

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Oscar and Oklahoma

(How’s that for some O’s?) I love our state! Even with the “wind sweeping (fiercely) down the plain” tonight (and the wind drives me somewhat crazy!) it is still my state and I love it.

My grandfather, Oscar Foster, came to Oklahoma from Missouri by train. The day he arrived in Purcell, Oklahoma, was March 13, 1871, his 21st birthday. He would later marry my grandmother, Effie Howard. The Howards had moved to Oklahoma by way of Tennessee from Georgia. They were a part of those fleeing Atlanta when Sherman made his march to the sea. Oscar and Effie met and married in Okfuskee County, near the community of Mason. Okemah is the county seat for Okfuskee and it borders Okmulgee County. (There are five Oklahoma Counties that begin with the letter O.)

FYI ~ if you are ever traveling down I-40 between Henrietta and Shawnee and see two water towers off to the north labeled “Hot” and “Cold” – you have found Okemah! Okemah is also the home of Woody Guthrie.

From Roadside America ~

"We've seen the old "Hot" and "Cold" water tower gag before, but Okemah's line of three municipal storage tanks offers a unique combo of labels.

And whoever ran the water company in Okemah when the last water tower went up must have had a sense of humor, if not more liberal politics than the rest of the town.

"Home of Woody Guthrie" was painted on Okemah's new onion-shaped water tower in 1972, back when most of Okemah still wanted nothing to do with its left-wing home town celebrity, and when most other towns were painting their water towers with smiley faces."

Now that we have had our “history” lesson for today, I have an announcement. Friday next, we are all skipping class….(not really, Mrs. Matlock, only those who are suffering from oppression and all this overwhelming class work ~ Opal, Olivia, Odette and Octavious would love to be excused. They promise to hand in their “P” papers on Thursday.)

When I was in school (right after statehood….not really), this time of year, it was very tempting to skip school on Friday afternoons. And the one or two times we did actually do such a thing (perish the thought), you could find us at Turner Falls. The falls itself is 77 feet. Not huge, but nice for this part of the country and the park is located in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains. Enjoy the pictures….next time, you can come too (shhhh, don’t tell).

Have a great weekend!



  1. I think that's a worthy reason to skip school. My mom was our high school guidance counselor and that made skipping impossible. Oh, how cheated I was!

  2. Where do you come up with these fun ideas?!
    SO entertaining to read what you come up with!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. I love to hear family histories. Did I tell you? As you know Mason has the Last Chance Baptist Church and my hometown, Prague has the Last Chance Bar. I got my "new" clothes dryer from the Last Chance Appliances store in Mason. It works great.

  4. Wonderful post, sweet Cheryl! Would you believe that I have never yet made it to Turner Falls? Been close (Falls Creek) but never to Turner Falls. Maybe this summer some weekend.

  5. Hi gals,

    Thanks for commenting! I lost my connection and never got to correct my typos or link to Alphabe-Thursday! Drat, drat! Such is life.

    I was off running errands all day, today. Came home and had a house full to cook for. So tonight I am tired, as it was a long day.

    May each of you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


  6. What a cool story about your family! Also, LOVE Turner Falls! It's one of the first places Mr. Wonderful and I stayed after we got married!

  7. Your family history is wonderful. It's so neat that you know these things. It's also a fun Oklahoma post in general. Turner Falls is lovely. I have been feeling a little like skipping class myself, but Mrs. Jenny and my great classmates keep me coming back. Sorry you had technical difficulty. Missed your link up this week; so I searched you out.


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