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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Counting of the Omer ~ Day 4

With a houseful of company, I managed to not post last night, so I will be trying to catch up for a day or two.

I felt like I needed to go back a few years, 400 or so, and take a look at the life of Joseph. Reading about the life of Joseph we see many glimpses of the person and the work of Yeshua the Messiah.

(Any time you find the number 3 or life where there should have been death (resurrection), you will often find glimpses of a Messianic significance – something you may also find in the life of Yeshua. Jonah is a prime example.)

Tonight I want to look at a short period from Joseph’s life.

Remember the dreams Joseph interprets while in prison? One was of the chief baker’s and the other the butler’s (cup bearer), who were Pharaoh’s servants?

There were THREE branches on the grapevine, which equaled THREE days.
• There were THREE baskets, which equaled THREE days.
• The THIRD day was Pharaoh’s birthday

Joseph interprets the dreams to mean, one would be promised life in three days, one would be promised death. This is a foreshadowing of the Messiah. Joseph is incarcerated as a criminal, though he was innocent. According to Isaiah 53, Yeshua was incarcerated as a criminal, even though He was innocent.

Here we see one criminal will receive life, one will receive death. How was the baker to be executed? He was to hang on a tree. What about the two criminals who hung on the tree at the same time as Yeshua? Didn’t one receive death, while the other was promised life?

Now, look at the professions of the two criminals in Genesis 40. These are prophetic symbols pointing to the Messiah. One is a baker, the other is a cupbearer – prophetic pictures of the bread and the wine. The two elements Yeshua (Jesus) used to illustrate His redemption! The elements we see at the Last Supper, which was done just prior to the Passover Yeshua gave His life. He became our Passover lamb.

This is actually, Saturday night. Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday. May you be blessed in great measure! Shalom!

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