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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday ~ Thoughtful & Thankful

Last Wednesday, I linked up with Judy over at *A Thankful Woman’s Book of Blessings,* and as I have gone about my ordinary life, doing my ordinary chores today, I have given much thought as to what I am thankful for. It occurs to me, there probably isn’t enough space even in all of Blogdom to contain all those things I should be thankful for. Like so many of us, I think I take too much for granted, never giving much thought to the Source of my blessings or the blessings themselves.

So, this Wednesday, I am digging deeper, bearing some of those inter thoughts I often keep to myself. Why? Because it is something I need to do. And maybe, through some “random” act, something I say will give someone else the courage to know the path they are on is right. Stormie Omartian penned a book called “Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On.” I love that title; however, sometimes if we combine our “lights” the path is brighter, easier to follow. (And no, I do not believe anything is random.)

We homeschool and sometimes I wonder if we are doing the right thing. Maybe wondering if we are doing the right thing correctly is more the point. I have often said, there are some days I am more grateful for what the boys aren’t learning, than what they are.

We have a neighbor who has cancer and her husband and family members have been having to drive back and forth to the City (OKC) each day, which is about 160 miles round trip. Our 11 & 13 y/o went down the other evening to make sure someone had come in, in time to do the evening milking. They drove through the pasture on ATV’s and they didn’t come back for nearly an hour. Because there is always the possibility an accident, I was watching the clock. When they did return, I said, “I guess Dewayne wasn’t back?”

They answered saying no, he had just got home when they got there. Oh, okay, “So what took you guys so long.” ~

He looked wore-out, so we told him we would go ahead and milk and feed for him. ~ Yeah, I am thankful….if they never gain anything else, I am thankful they are learning the value of helping someone else simply because it is the right thing to do.

I once wrote a devotion entitled, “Choose Life.” (I’ll dig it out one of these days.) We don’t always choose life. We had an incident about a week ago that hurt extremely bad (I know that is poor English, but you understand what I mean). It effected two of our grown children and the actions of 3 or 4 individual family members. It was a pretty devastating blow, just when things seemed to be falling into place.

Believe it or not, I have managed to “Choose Life.” I’ve kept my comments to a minimum. I haven’t poured gasoline on anyone’s fire, choosing to keep my (big) mouth shut. It has been difficult. For two days I was so frustrated I wanted to cry, to shout at someone, even kicking something would have felt good! (Well, until my toe started throbbing!) Today, God began to turn the situation. He is making something good come out of something hurtful. He is amazing! I am glad I picked LIFE. I am thankful that grace has allowed me to grow to the point that some times I am capable of making the right decision. I am thankful that His love gives me the strength to praise Him even when I do not feel like doing so.

I am thankful we have the opportunity to worship the Creator of the universe. We could loose this right one day. It is a precious thing, that we have taken for granted.

I am thankful the latest Liz Curtis Higgs book, Here Burns My Candle, came today. Silly maybe? No, I know it is going to not only entertain me, it will minister to me on a different level.

I am thankful for HOPE. People who have hope are more than conquerors. Their circumstances may look grim, but because of hope (or faith) they are able to rise above their circumstances and overcome that which is meant to harm them.

And there you have it. What I am thankful for this beautiful Wednesday, April 14, 2010.

My prayer, “So teach us to number our days, that we might apply our hearts to wisdom.” Psalm 90:12



  1. Awesome post, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing these Thankful and inspiring words to us all today. God is good. xoxox

  2. Beautiful, heartfelt Post, C!

    I'm thankful for women like you who have the courage to be real.

    Love to you~Rebecca

  3. This is so needed. We too had a situation here in OKC that hurt so many of our youth and left all of us including myself to ask "why"? Someone didn't choose life...the other night in our youth small group that meets in our home, one of the members read the verse..Psalm 139:17"How precious are your thoughts about me O God. They cannot be numbered!" I am struck by the thought that God loves me so much that his thoughts of me can't be counted...that's LOVE! And, He has a purpose for all of us!

  4. That was for me today.
    I sure needed those words of great counsel.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    Feels like balm to my soul.


    p.s. your boys are learning alot of virutous things at your feet. Sounds like you made the right choice.

  5. I loved this post!! Very insightful!

  6. thanks. these words fell right into the crevice of my soul that needed them. i have heeded the Word. blessings to you this glorious Wednesday my sister.

  7. I'm thankful for YOU my dear friend! Thanks for all your kind words! Excellent post! :) Love you!

  8. wonderful post ...I am thankful for everything I have and how awesome I am blessed

  9. What a special post, Cheryl. I appreciate your transparency and seeing how you trust the Lord for the outcome in situations. Thanks SO much for sharing.


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