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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey, It’s Tuesday ~ Notes & Treasures

The question of the day ~ When talking candle fragrances (I clarify, as I found out the hard way Coconut Lime Verbena ~ while a great candle fragrance, is terrible in coffee! gag, spit, spit…) do you prefer floral scents or kitchen type scents? If you are like me, you lean toward floral, fruit scents in the spring/summer and kitcheny scents in the fall/winter. And, if you are clueless to what we are talking about, go here.

And no, it isn’t too late to get in on the giveaway!

In the last few weeks, I was fortunate enough to win two giveaways. The first was a pair of beautiful earrings, which I received from Katie over at Dishin and Dishes. (I believe the earrings were made by Katie’s friend, Nancy. Nancy’s website is Dragonfly In Amber Designs. You will love some of Nancy’s designs.) You’ll also love Katie’s recipes. A few days ago, she posted one for accordion potatoes. They look so good!

The earrings are a deep red/rust color. Sorry, the pictures do not do these two lovely pieces justice.

The second was a gorgeous bracelet, which I received from Raymonde at Everyday I Walk With You. I believe the bracelet was also made by a friend of Raymonde’s. And I don’t believe she (the friend) has a website, which is a shame! You will really enjoy getting to know Raymonde, who along with her family, makes her home outside of London.

I wish you could see and feel this bracelet. It is gorgeous!

Be sure and checkout these sites and blogs. You’ll be glad you did! Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful giveaways!

Now, I have a favor to ask ~ Sonya (Home Cooking with Sonya) has placed in the top ten of a photo contest hosted by Communal Global. You can read about it on Sonya’s blog, but please….please go and vote for Sonya. Vote here. Thank you! Big hug!!

Sonya's picture:

Okay, now that I have played catch-up in a number of areas, we can move on to what Tuesday’s are all about ~ Treasures! This meme is hosted by the fabulous Mari Larkin. Just click on the button below and see who the rest of the SOGWPIP are showing off.

Oh, you want to know what SOGWPIP stands for? Years ago, when one of my mother’s best friends became a grandmother for the first time, Mom found a little pocket photo album with those letters ~ Silly Old Grandma With Pictures In Purse! (And I have no idea why thought of that tonight! However, for years it was a running joke between Gladys (my mom) and Avanell.)

I think you have met this gang before, but I like the "cool" picture. They get their "sass" from me, no doubt.

Now, go visit Mari!



  1. Hello Cheryl, it is so nice to see the bracelet on the other side of the pond. You are very kind with your words.

    I am off to vote for Sonya.

    Have a beautiful day. Blessings. xxx

  2. I have never heard that phrase "Silly Old Grandma With Pictures In Purse" but think it's hilarious. I just was talking with an older gent the other night, who had to pull out his wallet and show me his grands and his kids pictures. So cute. I truly don't have any pics in my guess I should get with it, eh? Thanks for linking up today Beth!

    I think I voted for
    Sonya...not sure if it worked or not.

    Have a great day. I already have one of my peeps, this early. Gonna have a full day of both of them today!! I will be one tired Grandma!

  3. Beautiful earrings and bracelet. I voted for Sonya and I like the floral in summer and food stuff in the fall. I also like linen or the beach.

  4. Hello Cheryl,
    I'm taking a quick break from working in one of my flower beds. We are to have rain this afternoon and was trying to get it all done at one time, but had to take a break. Guess the world won't come to an end if it rains before I get back out there. ~wink~

    I really like the kitchen scents...all year long. I seem to have problems with other types of fragrances in candles.

    I voted for Sonya...beautiful picture she has there!

    I had never heard of the Silly Old Grandma With Pictures in Purse before either....but next week I know what I'm going to share for Tuesday's Treasures! Think you can wait that long to hear the story? lol

    I LOVE this picture of your grands today, Cheryl! They are so "savvy" looking! I've noticed that the grands in your family have the most beautiful blond hair. Do they take after you?

    Well...better get this posted and see what I can do about getting back outside! Have a great day, my friend!

  5. WOW thank you so much for posting a link to vote for me!! that means so much:) you made my day..thank you! and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me!!

    Those earrings and the bracelet are BEAUTIFUL!

  6. What cute kids and I love your grandma quote! Great blog!

  7. I have to say, no....these three grandkids owe their blond hair to their mama. The fact that they are so fair, yet do not sunburn, comes from our side. (My sister is a blond, although I think she helps it out a little now! LOL)

    But both dh and I started out with dark brown hair....the gray is making a fast invasion though.

    I can't wait to hear your story, Dianna!

    When Avanell first became a grandmother, she was barely 40, if that and the first among Mom's circle of friends to have a grandchild. Needless to say, the other gals teased her a lot.

    Thanks to all who voted for Sonya's lovely photo!

    LaurieAnna, it is nice to meet you. I'll be "stalking" you soon!;-)

    Have a wonderful day, girls! Our weather is beautiful here today! Sometimes when I picture heaven, I think of it as always being springtime.



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