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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aging, Water and Prayer

~ or ~ my personal science experiment!

I wrote the following for a Messanic Ladies group I am a member of, but I thought I would also share it with you. Be blessed! ~ Cheryl

A few years back I read Dr. Len Horowitz’s book, Healing Celebrations. In Healing Celebrations, Dr. Horowitz explains the work of research scientist, Masaru Emoto, and how our words and thoughts affect those things around us, in this case WATER. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Emoto’s study, you can learn more about the study, but more importantly you can see the actual pictures here.

Here is an example. The photo below is a sample of water taken from Fujiwara in Japan. The water is frozen, then examined under a microscope.

This next picture is also from Fujiwara, but the water has been prayed over.

When I first saw this I was fascinated, however like so many things we read or hear about, this study got filed in one of the “lost” corners of my mind for a few years.

My doctor is a naturopath. It has been more than ten years since I saw an allopathic doctor. And Dr. Mary does this one test that measures the water content of my cells. When we are young, our cells are nice and plump, but as we age our cells gradually loose water, which is a direct cause of wrinkling. Ever wonder about the expression, “She looks like a dried up old prune”? Wonder no more.

Due to my age and weight Dr. Mary insisted (encouraged) me to get my water intake to at least three quarts a day. Three quarts of water is a lot. Over the months the amount of water in my cells did not decrease to any great degree. This was good news.

Then one day, I remembered Mr. Emoto’s study. By then, I had loaned my book out, but the study was easy enough to find on the internet. So I decided to put this “theory” to the test myself. I got two plain Quart Mason (canning) jars and with a permanent marker wrote good things on the outside of the jars ~ the fruits of the spirit, favorite Scripture verses, etc. Each night I would fill the jars, placing them in the refrigerator and the next day drink my water. I didn’t do anything different other than drinking the water from these jars (and it was a quart less than what I was supposed to drink). When I went back to Dr. Mary, my cellular water percentage had increased (instead of just maintaing), placing me in a lower age group “health” wise.

Dr. Mary wanted to know what I had done. So, I began to tell her about Mr. Emoto’s work, which as it turns out, she was very familiar with, and my own little experiment. She then explained, in all her years of practice, I was the first “client” (of hers) who reversed the aging process ~ in other words, the water content of my cells was such that I was at a level for a person younger than myself.

Well, I’m a little slow (evidently) and it took awhile for the Holy Spirit to bring a full awareness of the impact of what He was trying to show me. Why does His Word tell us to pray without ceasing? Why should we pray over our food (and I dare to also suggest we should be praying over whatever meds or supplements we tale)? Because, speaking over what goes into our bodies, affords Yahweh the ability to transform that lifeless, stale, no nutrition, excuse for food, into the life sustaining, nutrition HE designed it to be. We are inviting Him to do what He does best, perform HIS Word. Amen ~

Not only that, if we get into the rhythm of allowing ~ no, inviting Him into every area of our lives, then HE is able to take that which is lifeless and breathe life into it. Should there come a time when you cannot get something you need, you will be sustained by prayer and Yahweh’s power to produce life. That is why He instructs us to choose LIFE.

Last night when I was thinking about sharing this, I was lead to the following quote:

~"Thinking about the night as the beginning of the day reminds us that everything doesn't depend on us. We go to sleep, but God is working all through the night. So we don't have to be anxious or rushed. When we wake up, we will simply join him in his work."
~Eugene H. Peterson

We know, healing takes place at night. As we rest, our bodies are able to repair the damage suffered from living in this world. I am amazed, the Holy Spirit directed me to this quote for this time, as it fit so perfectly. But then I am always amazed at how He arranges things!

I know many of you have more knowledge and a greater understanding of natural healing and health issues however I felt this was important enough for me to share. Praying it will benefit someone, if not now, in the days to come.

May you be blessed.

~ Cheryl


  1. That was so interesting, Cheryl.... would be of great value to me, now I just have to commit to drinking more water.
    Thanks for the post.
    Blessings and have a lovely week.

  2. Thank you Cheryl, I needed to hear that today. Have a blessed week. xxx

  3. Cheryl, This is so intriguing to me. I really would like to hear more about the water experiment. I don't pray enough over everything, and then let God do my work for me. I am worrying too much. The quote was very powerful to me.
    Thank you dear one for sharing this timely message!

  4. That is fascinating! I try to drink lots of water but it never occurred to me to pray over it. :)

  5. Oh, Cheryl, this was so good. It gave me chill bumps.

    Thank you for the reminder (isn't it sad I needed a reminder?) to pray over ALL things.

  6. Dawn sent me to your blog today. Love this post!
    Great reminder of how God works in ALL things through prayer. Also, that I need to drink my 64 oz. of water per day w/prayer : )

  7. Awesome post! I was just telling the ladies I work out with that I have been so tired this week and I think it's due to the fact that I've been in training this week and haven't had access to water like I usually do...yesterday I didn't drink any until I got home after work! Love the idea of praying over it and everything else we consume..P.S. Do you think it would take the calories out of cookies?

  8. What a wonderful quote!! I just love it! Such a fabulous way to look at life. Joining Great Spirit in His work. Yeah!!!

    Your post has blessed my day. Thank you!

    ~~blessed be...

  9. choose life. oh i do. i used to pray over my meds, but have gotten lazy, i am ashamed to say. i am printing out the verses, the life affirming thoughts and putting them over my meds & my water source to remind me. thanks so very much for the reminder. He is life. The bread of life, The LIVING WATER.

    thanks for sharing.


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