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Monday, May 24, 2010

Plans for the Summer


The lovely Mrs. Nesbitt is posing the following questions for this week's Monday MckLinky:

What are YOU doing for summer vacation?

Where are you going? What are your plans?

Are you loading up the car and heading somewhere or does this year
bring a "stay-cation" for you and yours?

In answer to the question(s)....good questions! I know we are staying inside the borders of Oklahoma. No venturing south of the Red River for us! ~ well, maybe LOL

We are letting the boys decide, kind of. The plan is, to take one day trip each month. They (the boys) have to gather the information, either via the internet or by snail mail. They also have to locate said destination on the map and have an active hand on plotting the route to same, said destination.

For June, we are looking at Arbuckle Wilderness, with a possible side trip to Chickasaw National Park (we've only been to the nature center about a million times, but they always, always love it ~ they're boys).

Also in June, there are two air shows (AeroSpace America at Tinker, and one locally) and the National Sand Bass Festival.

July and August are still undecided (except for a Rodeo in July) but in September we are planning a trip to Robbers Cave State Park.

The rest of the time there will be trips to the library, to the river, lots of work in the garden, working with their animals, and time in the pool.

I'd like to take them to Gainesville, Texas, aboard Oklahoma's Heartland Flyer. We can board at Pauls Valley (about 20 miles from us) and take the train to Gainsville (a little over an hour). Once at Gainesville, I understand there is a shuttle we can ride to the Outlet Mall, where we would spend the day, then return that evening. Not that I want to spend all day at a mall with four boys, but I think the train ride would be a great experience.

That's about it. Mostly, we are going to enjoy the summer, one day at a time!

Hope your summer's a blast! In the meantime, have yourself a blast and head on over to the Real Housewives of Oklahoma and see what others are planning!



  1. Daytrips are great! Folks don't always take the time to see the sights that are right under their own noses. :-) We love doing that!

  2. Sounds like a fun summer ahead for your family--we have 1 more week of school here and I am so ready for summer to get going!

  3. Nursing my gardens this summer so no extended trips far from home :-)

  4. There is a cute little zoo in Gainesville, too. If you arrive early you can feed the giraffes!
    I've never been to Robbers Cave or Arbuckle. Maybe I need to add those to the must see list.
    I hear you can pick up the train in OKC and I'm tempted to try that with my boys. I have family in Gainesville so that would be fun for us.

  5. My husband's sister was once the Sand Bass Festival Queen! I'm not sure what year it was. Probably late 80's.

    We are planning a trip to Robbers Cave as well.

    And, thanks for mentioning the train. My girls would love that. You've got some fun things planned.

  6. I have always wanted to take the kids on a train trip. I did one up in Canada when I was a kid, and it was one of my favorite family trip memories. You'll have to let us know how it is.

  7. I love Arbuckle Wilderness!!! It's a hidden treasure. And I have always wanted to the Heartland Flyer. I didn't know about the shuttle to the Mall, I'll have to do some research. My daughter lives in Stratford, that would be a cool thing to do with her and the boys.

  8. Yep I know what you mean -Taking the summer one day at time /Taking little trips here and there. The train ride does sound interesting! Happy Summer!

  9. I love the motto enjoying summer one day at a time! I am so happy it is summer time...sounds like you have yours all planned out!

  10. Don't forget that you and Beth and I are going to do a day of shopping :)

  11. We considered taking the Flyer to Texas next month, but since we're going to be there awhile we decided we needed a vehicle to gallavant around in! And I LOVE the idea of having the kids plan the trips! Now you've got me to thinkin'...

    Thanks for stopping by today!

    ~~Mrs. Nesbitt

  12. Boys do love trains! We've taken a few short train trips and always wanted to go cross country on Amtrak one of these days. Still waiting! :)

    Sounds like you have a fun, and educational, summer planned!

  13. Wow, you are going to have a busy summer. We will be heading to TX but not until late Sept, early Oct. Our summer will be spent at home this year just 'keeping up' and healing. We have been to Arbuckle several times...last trip was a freight with the roads in progress of repair...eeeek. Love that place tho. Where is Robbers Cave?
    Have a great time with the boys.

  14. Sounds like a fun Summer. Be advised, however, the Outlet Mall in Gainesville is nearly shut down (it was such a great place a few years ago). No food court, lots of empty stores. They are trying to revitalize with new ownership, but the parking lot is virtually empty every weekend (we drove by on Saturday when we went to Dallas). Sorry!

    Arbuckle Wilderness is always fun. Also, GW Animal Park in Wynnewood is a good day trip. Could go by the Bedre Chocolate Factory in Pauls Valley (not open on weekends). Nice museum in Ardmore, Greater SW History Museum, & the Goddard Art Museum. And don't forget the Gene Autry Museum in Gene Autry. There is also the Goddard Children's Museum in Daugherty.

    Anyway, have a WONDERFUL Summer!!

    ~~blessed be...

  15. Okay Cheryl, Arbuckle Wilderness area is my old stomping grounds, you must go ahead and see Turner Falls while you are there and venture on over to Sulphur to the State Park. You will only be about 12 miles from it! ♥Mrs. Hart♥

  16. Cheryl, Thanks for the info on Robbers Cave and the directions, etc. that were included on the link you gave me. I wonder if I can get Hubby to take a detour on our vacation? Hmmm
    Thanks again

  17. Sounds like fun! I like the day at a time concept, and the train ride sounds cool.


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