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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Memorial Day Challenge - Week 2

(sorry, this is all running together; blogspot is having one of its spells this morning.)

This Memorial Day Challenge is brought to you by Sandy. You can visit Sandy at A Working Mom's Joy.
Shabbat Shalom! And good morning to everyone! I am in a good mood, as it is NOT raining or STORMING this morning. It is cloudy, but I am thankful for a break in the weather.
Okay, here's the challenge statisics:
Memorial Day Challenge - Week 2
Weigh In Day: Saturday
Starting Weight: 248
Challenge Goal: Loose 24 lbs (I know, it is a lot in a short time. Keep reading!)
Week 1: May 8 - 248
Week 2: May 15 - 239 (Tada!)
Week 3: May 22
Week 4: May 29
I am excited! The hCG is working for me!
I finally found my tape measure, so later today I will take my measurements and I'll be able to actually note the loss in inches next week.
I promised I would do this in front of "everybody" and report my true feelings, in order that all of us could discover a little more about the hCG effect on the body. So here is a review of my week:
Obviously, last Saturday and Sunday were a snap. I was told to begin taking the hCG (6 drops, under the tongue, twice a day) and load up of food. You can tell from my weight, this was a concept I am quite familar with. Saturday evening we cooked hamburgers and Sunday we enjoyed fried chicken.
True to what I had heard, I was not hungry Monday. As a matter of fact, I had that ick feeling. HDifficult to describe, as I wasn't sick, I just didn't think I wanted anything. Tuesday was a little different. I wasn't hungry, but I "wanted" something! This lasted through Wednesday evening. I also experienced a slight headache both Tuesday and Wednesday, similar to when you go off caffeine. Since I was allowed coffee and tea, I think the headache may have been a combination of sugar "withdrawls" and lack of sleep (due to storms).
I talked to Pam and she suggested that I take potassium, she also suggested L - Glutamine.
I had potassium on hand, but I didn't have L-Glutamine.....other than I have a bottle of Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids. From all I've read, L-Glutamine is great for hunger cravings and it also helps break down fat so it can be burned by the body. Cinnamon will also deminish cravings.
By Thursday, the cravings left pretty much on their own. (I had experienced same the thing years ago on Atkins - the first three day were always the most difficult. And Thursday was my 4th day of eating only 500 calories.)
My energy level also picked up on Thursday and I felt wonderful! Yesterday, was also good, but I had to run errands all day and I didn't plan ahead for that. I was away from the house from one until after seven last night. The boys were with me, so of course they wanted to stop for something to drink, ice cream and something to eat. I bought them milk shakes at Sonic and I got a lime ice (I figured that was "safe").
The bad news was, Wal-Mart about did me in. It was our last stop and by the time we finished, I was dragging. I ate lunch before we left the house, probably about 11:30 and I didn't think to take an apple (or something similar) with me. Also, I should have grabbed at least one bottle of water somewhere along the way. Since I was dragging, we had the garlic chicken from the deli, along with salad for dinner last night. And I was ready for my serving of chicken! (I know it wasn't cooked according to the diet directions, but at that point I didn't care.)
Today, I feel great! I wish the sun was shinning, but nice weather will return soon!
Believe or not, I am happy on the 500 calories a day. I am thinking most likely, our ancestors came closer to eating 500 calories a day, than today's American diet. Also, while we have never used an over abundant amount of preprocessed food, I am glad I am movng away from so many preservatives and chemicals.
My daily routine goes something like this:
Upon getting up, take my first 6 drops of hCG
Put the coffee on
As soon as 15 minutes pass (from when I took the drops), I drink the juice of one lemon in a glass of water with a few grains of sea salt.
Then coffee (surprisingly, I am actually drinking less coffee)
Mid morning, I have either an apple or an orange
Lunch is 3 oz of lean beef or chicken (one day I had cottage cheese and strawberries)
Late afternoon, I have an apple and about an ounce of protein
Dinner, is 3 to 4 ounces of lean beef or chicken, along with celery, onions, cucumbers or sliced tomatoes. I can have mustard greens and lettuce, but just haven't yet.
Also, there is a soup recipe that is allowed, but I haven't made it as of yet. (Wish I had known of it during the first three days.)
Lots of water and 2 to 3 glasses of tea
It's pretty simple, I just have to make sure the boys don't eat all the apples. I try to hide 3 or 4, so I don't run out between trips to the store! *smile*
It goes without say, anyone is going to loose weight on 500 calories a day. HCG allows the body to accept only 500 calories more easily. It also helps the body to burn the calories stored in fat and resets the hypothalmus, so your metabolism works like it did when you were younger. This helps to keep the weight off. The percentage of people who keep the weight off, is much higher with those who lose using the hCG.
I know of two others who are currently on the hCG diet and it is working for both, as well.
So there you have it! My report for the last week.
Praying everyone has a wonderful weekend and a blessed week starting Monday!
Whether your Sabbath is today or tomorrow, rest and renew yourself in HIM.


  1. Very cool. I wish I could try this stuff. Someday maybe. I have about 15 more pounds to go and they are the most stubborn to let go. I need my body to "reset". :) Can't wait to hear more.
    Blessings to you dear one.

  2. Very encouraging to hear your good results! :) I may try that one of these days. I have taken HcG before but just as a supplement not as a formal plan. And it probably was not great quality. I'll stay tuned to your story and keep praying about what I am called to do. That 500 calorie thing is quite frankly a little scary.

    Miss seeing more of you but know you are in a busy season. Love you!

  3. Cheryl, this is great. The 500 calries is wild. I'll stop by again to read with more time.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner. I took your button and added it to my neighbors page.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I had not heard of this diet before you mentioned it. Good you are feeling so well on it, sounds like you will be able to carry it through, and hopefully keep the weight off, a difficult task when you have to have all the food for the youngsters in the house.
    Many Blessings - Jan

  5. Cheryl,

    Congratulations for your weight loss results! Keep up the good work!


  6. Good for you. You are very strong to go through this! Keep it up!

  7. I'm proud of you. You are doing well. Can't wait to hear the measuring tape results. I lost 3 pounds that past two week so just maybe I'll make my 1st goal by Mike's Open House. 20 lbs down, 25 to go.
    Take care Cheryl and have a great and blessed afternoon.


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