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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Missing You

I miss you guys! Long time, no *see*.

I haven't tried to post the last few days, as my mind has been filled to overflowing with clutter, bits and bits of clutter. I realize this is a busy time of year and all of you are probably busy too. Another thing, my cluttered brain hasn't felt all that creative, due in part to loss of sleep.

I have a question. Why do tornado producing storms occur when you had rather be in bed? It is a strange phenomena similar to when children get sick after the clinic closes or when animals show signs of something being wrong late on Saturday evening. Amazing, isn't it?

As I am sure you know, we have been experiencing spring and all her orneriness. Still, we have managed to get most of the garden planted and work toward the "outdoor" kitchen we are planning.

We have two graduations coming up, I am working on decluttering the house of all that "stuff" we manage to collect during the school year. Still working on packing away the winter clothes, and the weather isn't co-operating there either and we have a ton of other stuff going on, but none of which is very interesting.

So, how are you doing?

My diet is going well and I'll reveal how well on Saturday; probably not early Saturday though.

I finished reading Here Burns My Candle (Liz Curtis Higgs) and Take One (Karen Kingsbury). I'm now reading The Prophet by Francine Rivers.

I have decided to try and recover some of our lawn furniture. Wish me luck, as I am not much of a seamstress.

Tuesday afternoon, I was blessed with tons of flowers to repot and set out, and I was also given a few antiques. Anyway, I need to hush and start dinner before the troops die of starvation. Just wanted everyone to know, I'm thinking about each of you! Hopefully, I'll feel like doing Friday Fragments tomorrow, but if not, I'll *see* you on Saturday!


No, I didn't proof read this...forgive me.;)


  1. Glad you are safe, I heard that those storms were Nasty! As much as I would like to live in the prairie states I wouldn't know how to react with storms like that. RUNNN KIDS!

    Can't wait to here how well you are doing with the "health makeover". I started Weight watches 4 weeks ago, and gained a pound this week ~ Thankfully I have been running and working out otherwise I probably would have gained much more ( i ate terribly this week)
    Happy Friday.

  2. It's nice of you to check in on your fans. =)

    I'm glad you are staying safe. We definitely are having some whacky weather.

    Last night Tulsa got hit with micro-bursts and a tornado. We are just north of Tulsa by about 10 miles. We always seem to be spared. (Thank God!)

    Way to go with the diet. I started mine on Tuesday and I've already lost 3 lbs. Yay!!

    I so want an outdoor kitchen! I can't wait till you finish it and post pictures.

    Francine River's book Redeeming Love is one of my very favorite books of all time. I've read it three times. =) I need to read the one you mentioned.

    Have a great weekend if we don't "see" you until next week.

  3. Sounds as tho you have been part of the country in weather distress. We finally are getting much needed rains after a 7 yr. drought. Stay safe from those tornadoes...they are dreadful to be a part of.
    Good for you on loosing weight...always a dream,...always a problem.
    An outdoor kitchen...too cool. I cannot wait to see pictures of the progress.
    A good read always puts me to is not the books, it is the lack of movement that puts me out.
    Have a restful and memorable weekend

  4. So glad to find you alive and well ... even if you lack the energy to do any kicking! I've slept right through the storms this week. I guess if a tornado ever really hits my house I might wake up for that but the sirens just don't have what it takes to rouse me! Glad your diet is going well. I've bailed on mine again. Time to kick it back into gear.

    Wishing you well on your various projects!

  5. Dear Cheryl...
    Rest and be well..and make no apologies. We miss you too but we wish for you to be whole and peaceful and we'll see you when we see you.....and P.S. we TOTALLY understand...God bless my sistah!

  6. busy time of year is much springing up that we seem to be in the wake of it....right?
    well now that you had batten down the hatches so you did not blow away (thank GOD) it is time to get a lil of the extra put up. Good luck with that.
    in the meantime, take a moment to sip a cup of hot tea and watch the birds flit around too!

  7. Growing up in the South, I can relate to your queries about the timing of tornadoes...they do put a spin on an ordinary day.
    Once, my husband was thinking about taking a job in OK--and I went online to look at real estate in a particular area--when I noticed that every single home was NEW--I knew that was a "tornado alley" and to look in a different town. lol
    I like what you said about tossing out the school year stuff--I hate all those papers and junk that accumulate from the school year too!
    Can't wait to hear about your diet success!
    Go YOU!!!

  8. It sounds like you are living 'a normal life' It sounds like life here and I can relate to it well.
    Enjoy your busy schedule for the next few days.

  9. Hi Cheryl, just quick pit stop to say you are linked on my blog. Have a fantastic Saturday. Hug. xxx


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