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Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Prayer & Winners ~

Prayer ~

Notice: This will be posted at the top for the next few days.

I have been asked to lead a group of ladies in prayer and fasting this coming Thursday, May 20th. If you have a prayer request, you are more than welcome to post it in the comments or if you are more comfortable with emailing me, feel free to do so at:

bloomwhereyoureplanted (at) yahoo (dot) com

Please type "prayer" in the subject line. Somedays, I don't have a chance to read all my emails. I would feel terrible if I received a request and then didn't open it for several days.

Winners! ~

The following three ladies will receive an asortment of both soy and palm wax tarts. They are:

Dawn @ Momza's House

Mari @ Mari Larkin

Raymonde @ Everyday I Walk With You

These two "Okies" (I could not believe that!) will receive either two eight oz. candles or one 16 oz. candle.

Katie @ Dishin and Dishes

Beth @ Beth: A Work In Progress

And (drum roll, please!) the grand prize winner is ~~~

Dianna @ Bits and Pieces

Congratulations to all the winners, but these aren't just winners, they are my friends. Each person who comes by my blog and shares is very special to me ~ even some of you who do not comment, you too are special! (Really, I don't bite!) Please do me a favor and go by and say hello to the ladies who won! I will do another contest soon and we will be having an amazing autumn candle give away toward the end of summer!

Now that I finally announced the winners, I have to share this: making candles to fill the orders for Mothers' Day about wiped out my supplies ~ poor management policies~(When you are the boss, the candle stick maker, and the janitor, whata ya gonna do?)! Therefore, I will need a little time to reorder supplies. I apologize for making you wait and will get these out as soon as possible. In the meantime, if the winners would, please email their addresses to:

prairiesongcandles (at) gmail (dot) com

To Everyone:

Again, if you are following me, and I haven't returned the favor, leave me a comment, so I can be sure and take care of doing so!

Now, because you are so loved, and the fact I haven't pulled myself together and posted a Friday Fragments post in a few week.......and because we need to laugh (it is good execise!), here is a picture from Wade's Wisdom:

I don't know where he finds this stuff!

For today ~ live, love, laugh and be blessed!



  1. Congratulations to all the winners, I am sure they are looking forward to receiving their gifts.
    I love your sign off.....~live, love, laugh and be blessed!, that is a great one.
    Love - Jan

  2. I'm scrambling to leave for work, so will come back tonight and leave my prayer request and send you my address. Yippeee....can't believe I won! Thank you Cheryl. wow. Congrats to all the others.

  3. Wow, that was a nice surprise to come and visit and find out I am a winner. Thank you so much.

    Are you sure? It is a long way...

    Have a beautiful week. You know my prayer request! Lots of love. Raymonde. xxx

  4. Raymonde said ~

    "Are you sure? It is a long way..."

    It will be fine.


  5. What a delightful surprise to come for a visit this morning and find this message! :) You just take your time and I will be surprised and delighted all over again when the candle arrives! :)

    And I sent my address to both e-mail addresses because I didn't finish reading your post before I dashed off the first e-mail. I was too excited! I never win anything! :)

  6. You did this time, my sweet sister!


  7. How exciting! Thank you Cheryl! How lucky I am! You are such a blessing to us all! You know my prayer request - my little redhead over in India. She is reporting back by email..I'll have to forward it to you - it's a little long but God is moving in a big way! My work email isn't coming up for me at home today so I'll email you tomorrow when I get to work! Love ya sister!

    PS. When are you and Beth and I gonna get together!?

  8. We haven't worked out a date, but how about meeting at one of the state parks over fall break? The weather in October is usually great and often there are a number of fall festivals and craft fairs that would be fun to visit.

    We could invite all the Okie bloggers if you want. I'll check around and see what will be going on during October.


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