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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daughters and Grandchildren


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Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Days 6 and 7

Good morning, everyone!  I hope you are having a great weekend!

Yesterday, we were “craft-showing.”  I left the house about 6:30 in the morning to meet our d-i-l and travel about 80 miles to where our oldest daughter and her family live.  Their church ladies’ ministry was hosting their annual craft fair.  DD# 2 joined us a little later. (She's learning getting four kids is a little different than g  It was the first time the two newest babies were together.  (And little Ms. Thang (as Papaw calls her) that we having been thinking of as being so tiny, next to her newest cousin, looks huge!  What a difference two months can make!)

In the afternoon, the girls gave me a break and DD#1 took me to get my hair styled.  It needed it!  It had been 18 months since my last haircut and color weave!  I think they were tired of looking at me.  No color-weave this time, maybe later.
We ate dinner at a place called Freddie’s Creamery.  It was my first time to eat there; fun atmosphere and good burgers.  I also got a chance to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a few things!  Wish there was a Hobby Lobby closer to home.  (I’d be ever so grateful for one.  Dh on the other hand, might not.)

Our weather was beautiful again yesterday!  It is such a gift for this time of year!  It made the trip up special, seeing the sun reflect off the frost – both beautiful and serene.  We also happened upon a small herd of deer feeding close to the road.  There was about nine or ten, all sizes, just standing under a group of trees.  They never moved.  I would have loved to have stopped and taken a picture…..but, I don’t think they would’ve stuck around and poised for me.

Oh, what am I thankful for….great times with my girls and their babies!

And today, I am grateful for the seven grand babies who managed to talk their parents into allowing them to either come home with me or stay here….some of them kept Papaw busy yesterday while I was gone.  I am thankful for what looks to be another beautiful day.  Papaw had a lot of help in the milk barn this morning!!!  (I’m not even attempting to take this group to church …it will take all morning just to get them all fed, which I need to get busy and do!)

Gabby, our oldest granddaughter, used my camera to take pictures of some of the tables at the craft fair.  I’ll have to see what all she captured and if there are some nice shots, I’ll post a few.  It was good to see the ladies (and a few men) yesterday, most of which we hadn’t seen since last year’s craft fair.  Good times, good friends, and family…. Wonderful Blessings!

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Enjoy today!

P.S.  This next week is going to be such a fun week!  Be sure to come by and see what all is going on!  I love this time of year!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your girls and their babies. It sounds like a wonderful day. Have fun with the little ones... I'll bet your house is going to seem awfully quiet tonight! (Oh, and I might be your new follower)

  2. Well, if you are the one "stalking" me (LOL), I am already one of your followers, so I won't feel bad about missing someone. Hey, and thanks for the tip about the Christmas cards. I went and filled out their form.


  3. Thanks for sharing~Have a blessed day! hugs!!

  4. I'm so glad that you found my blog and became a follower!! You have a beautiful blog! I am now following you! Have a blessed week.

  5. I LOVE spending time with my daugher and 2 daughters-in-law and all 9 grandkids. Actually we even like when the men come along too or all get together at home. What a houseful, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for sharing your weekend with your family.

  6. Great post. I enjoy reading about your life on a farm. I have five children in various stages of growth (ages 22 - 17) but no grandbabies yet. I am looking forward to those days but not quite ready for them yet.

  7. What a lovely weekend you had with your children and grandchildren! Since my eldest is 15 and my youngest is almost 3 I do have a while before I can play with my own grandchildren, but I am looking forward to that day! :)

  8. What a wonderful post! It IS so much fun when multiple generations spend time together! Blessings!

  9. I love that you travel to spend time with your girls! What an amazing heritage for those itty bitty girls to grow up and enjoy!

  10. Thanks Cheryl, I appreciate you making the effort in "trying" to get everyone over to my blog for a giveaway. However, just a note...I've only had 2 gals say they wanted in on a chance to win. C'mon folks, lets not be bashful.


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