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Friday, November 12, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 12

Today I am thankful for all those people who are willing to express 


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I have a little plaque that says:

"He who is hardest to love, often needs it the most."

It is true, isn’t it?!

Over the years, many people have expressed kindness toward both me and my family. As a matter of fact, God has used some unusual characters to bless us in special ways.

One of them is “Donnie”. Donnie started visiting us a few years ago. He is a little older than our grown children. He was a student when dh was doing his student teaching years ago. Donnie is a little slow, but super likable. He mostly cuts wood or deals in junk (scrap iron). *Dh (my superman/give them the shirt off your back husband) gave Donnie the truck he drives.*

When Donnie is without a job, he comes by and eats dinner (only we call it supper) with us. When he needs a little money, he comes by.

Now, you might think we are the ones showing kindness, but that isn’t true.

Donnie always brings the boys something! It might be ball caps (the kind businesses pass out for advertising), it might be a box of games, movies, books or most anything. Off hand, I can name – 2 pogo sticks, 2 razor scooters, 1 motor bike, numerous bicycles, clothes, TV, VCR, DVD, a play station….it’s a long list!

To dh he has brought ~ motors, compressors, generators, material to build sheds with, cages….this too is a long list.

Donnie has never brought me a great deal of “stuff”, mostly a cookbook now and then or some unique glassware (to pour candles in).

But a few years ago, during January, I was having a difficult time. (Sometimes, I think I have seasonal dysfunctional disorder ~ or whatever they call it. Too many cold, cloudy days just isn’t my cup of tea.) You know the old saying, “Thirty days has September, April, June and November…all the rest have thirty-one….except February and January. It has about 60 somethin’!” Well, that’s the way I felt and I was really whining complaining to the LORD.

You should know, I am crazy about “smells!” That is how I got into aromatherapy and why I started a candle business. I am addicted to fragrance….and my nose can pick out those expensive fragrances in a heartbeat!

Donnie showed up late one night, hungry. We had some leftovers from supper and I warmed them up. He said, “Hey, I brought something you might be interested in! Let me run out to the truck.” When he came back, he had a box full of essential oils….top grade essential oils. Among them ~ Sandalwood ….Sandalwood is very expensive. I don’t buy Sandalwood essential oil. I buy it in the synthetic form. I can’t afford pure Sandalwood.

That night the LORD showed me, HE can use anyone to bless someone else….even Donnie, who has very little.

Yes, my wonderful box of oils were the result of Donnie cleaning out an older couple’s garage. They had once had a health food store. Did I care the oils came from a garage instead of Donnie paying a king’s fortune at a fancy store? No. Do the boys care that the treasures they receive come out of a pile of scrap iron or because Donnie has helped clean out an abandon storage building? No.

Regardless of your situation, there is someone you can show kindness to. Someone needs your smile, needs to hear a compliment or a kind word. We all have the capability to be an encourager or goodwill ambassadors.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 13th is  
World Kindness Day.  

 Why not spend a moment or two showing 


I recently joined a group, who’s only purpose is to bless someone each week.  It doesn’t cost a penny and takes just a few seconds of time.  They look across the world of bloggers and when they find one who needs a friendly hug and a word of encouragement, they send out your weekly assignment.  You receive an email each Thursday.  Your MISSION is to drop a “Love Bomb” on a certain person.  You simply stop by this person’s blog and let them know you care and you are willing to pray for their situation.  It really is SIMPLE, but often means so much.  If you are interested, you can find out more here:

And this Saturday, take time to call your aunt you haven’t talked to in ages, send a card….hey, it’s time to send Thanksgiving cards, bake an extra loaf of bread to share with your neighbor, invite the kids next door to help make popcorn balls….the possibilities are endless!  YOU have the ability to MAKE someone’s DAY!



  1. I love that story of Donnie's kindnesses to your family. What a blessing!!

    And... sandalwood is my favorite! ; )

  2. What a fantastic post! I joined the group too and thanks for the reminder to send my aunt a card. I know she will appreciate it.

  3. Yes a wonderful post, lovely to hear about Donnie.

    My Aunts have passed, I have been the oldest in my family for some time, but a lovely thought.

    Love, Jan

  4. What a wonderful story about Donnie! What a blessing you are to each other.


  5. That is a beautiful post. How did you know that I needed to read it?

  6. This is a wonderful post and a great reminder. Thanks for sharing the story of Donnie.

  7. Thank you for sharing Donnie with us, and for the great reminder of how kindness changes everything. A little bit goes a long way, doesn't it?

  8. What a touching post. Thank you for sharing Donnie's story with us. It sounds like you are both blessing each other in your own way - friendship at it's best.

  9. Hello I found you while blog hopping and I am very gald I did, you have a lovely blog. I know we are on the same wave length because I think a pig with the name Bacon is awesome and exactly the sort of name I would have choosen x

  10. Wow. I love your story about your friend Donnie!

  11. Thank you for sharing the story!

  12. You know, this post made me cry a bit. The kindness was overwhelming, why? I don't know but it wasn't a sad cry, a feel good one. Thank you for sharing this story. The Lord does provide all our needs, in some form at all times. He knows!!
    Take care my dear and have a great and blessed weekend.


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