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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End of a Challenge, a New Season, and a Gift for YOU!

~ Day 30 ~

Today marks the last day for The Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge!

Deciding what the post today, the last day of the Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge, has been somewhat of a struggle.  At one time I had decided to post how thankful I am for meeting so many new friends!  And I am.  You will never know how inspiring your posts and comments have been.  I appreciate both so much.

  I have learned so much from each of you.

I was dreading the end of the Challenge…but we are destined to enter a new season!

I am grateful, Brenda had the foresight to see this day coming and decided to do another meme!  And just as the Gratitude meme helped to keep me focused on what is truly the Heart of Thanksgiving, I know Holiday Bliss will do much the same for this New Season we are now embracing.

Tomorrow evening at sundown marks the first day of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.  Because Hanukkah falls at various times….not always the first of December, this year’s beginning is of special interest.  As we approach the celebration of the birth of our Messiah, what better way to welcome the Light of the World….then with the Festival that speaks of LIGHT?

And just as the Maccabee family rededicated the Temple, now is a wonderful time to rededicate our lives to HIS service.

“What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”  1 Cornithians 6:19

(There is a little song that is based on this scripture….it will be playing in my head the rest of the day!)

And as we enter this NEW Season, I have a surprise for you….
my sweet friend, Linda @ Prairie Flower Farm, along with her daughters, has compiled a cookbook.  It is full of delicious CHRISTmas Cookies recipes!  You can download it free and share it with your friends and family!

Be sure and stop by Linda's and leave her a comment.  It was so thoughtful of her and her girls to take the time to do this!



  1. I love your beautiful blog, I love your posts, and I have loved getting to know you. I'm looking forward to holiday bliss! One of our great holiday traditions is.. cookies!!! So think you for this wonderful gift today!

  2. I have also enjoyed getting to know you this month of November. I pray to get to know you more during Holiday Bliss. Thank you for sharing the cookie recipe book. We love cookies around here too.

    God's Blessings


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