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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude and The Simple Woman's Daybook

New followers, WELCOME!  Make yourself at home.  I will be by your blog as quickly as I can and return the follow.  The last two days have been busy, but I have noticed you and can’t wait to get to know you better!


Outside my window...  ~ our beautiful fall is giving way to cooler,  sometimes cloudy days and the trees that were so lovely a few days ago, are mostly brown. 

I am reminding myself ~ life is a cycle; we should look for the joy in each season.

I am thinking...  ~ Thanksgiving and all there is to do.

I am thankful for...  ~ many things and I have failed to post in the Thirty Day Gratitude Challenge the last two days.  So here is some of the things I am thankful for:

Sunday, November 14 ~ I am continually amazed at how good God is toward us.  I won an i-pad a few weeks ago.  It came, it sold and now dd#1 & family have a full propane tank.  His Provision.

Monday, November 15 ~ I am thankful for all the little things we take for granted each day:  running water, a place to rest, food, clothing, hot water….there is nothing equal to the gift of hot water when I bathe….it allows me to relax and let go of the stress that sometimes accompanies my day.  The Little Things.

Tuesday, November 16 ~ Our garden has meant many things this year.  Together we have worked it, in the evenings we have enjoyed sitting in the garden and visiting, with each other and with friends.  It has been an outdoor classroom and our harvest has been amazing!  Yesterday, we picked the last of the tomatoes and peppers, again.  This is the third (last) time and still it has continued to produce.   Our garden.

I am wearing...  ~ Pajamas (it is only 3 something in the morning….but I may not change - just saying).

I am remembering...  ~  Orange Slice Cake, I always baked it for Mom & Dad this time of year.  I would bake three loaves – one for Thanksgiving, one to put in the freezer for Christmas, and one to keep for us.  I’ve only baked it once since Mom passed away.

I am praying for… ~  an online friend who is going through a particularly difficult time.

I am going...  ~  to be cleaning house, getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.

I am currently reading...  ~ my Bible and not much else.  It has been a busy time, not a reading time (for me).  I miss it.

I am hoping...  ~  for an opportunity to share God’s goodness with others

On my mind...  ~  our children

Noticing that...   ~  I have a lot of lovely, new fall decorations, thanks to a new friend in Maryland.

Pondering these words…  ~ “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

From the kitchen...  ~  there will be the delightful smells of green tomato relish in a few hours  (P.S.  The boys hate to smell chow-chow (the relish) cooking.  lol)  I love it!

Around the house...  ~ I am creating… ~ a place of rest; where peace is a tangible quality, a place where people want to come.

One of my favorite things… ~  the smell of fresh ground coffee perking

From the Learning Room… ~  reading, creativity and some outdoor activities (before the weather really turns wintry)

A picture to share… ~

I will miss autumn!

Be sure and visit The Simple Woman's Daybook for more daybook entries and stop by Brenda's for for more Gratitude posts!

May your day be blessed!

P.S.  The relish is nearly done.  I'm still in my pajamas.  Sorry, to be so slow at posting.;)


  1. A gorgeous picture. I too love autumn and will miss her but I also love the beauty of snow! ; )

    So thankful for His provisions with you!

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful picture. Blessings to you tonight.

  3. I love chow chow and have some canned up for later in the winter.

    Great things to be thankful for!!

    Have a great evening:)

  4. That picture is amazing! Love the colors!!

  5. What a gorgeous picture! I just love reading your's thought provoking and inspirational- every time!

  6. Wow! How wonderful that you have still have garden produce to enjoy! We miss ours so much!!
    I'm sorry your blogging friend is having a tough time...may God be with her.
    Thanks for sharing this Daybook with us Cheryl!

  7. I miss fall too. I'm getting use to the cold and snow now but wish that it didn't last quite so long. Oh well, Minnesota. I loved your post today. It makes me know just a bit more about you each time.
    Thank you for stopping by. Have a great night and God Bless!!!

  8. fall is a great thing to be thankful for. I love the dog pic.. haven't seen it yet.
    great day book .. have a wonderful week


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