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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trusting and Testing ~ Day # 3

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 3

Trusting and Testing

(Hello to you new followers!  I can’t wait to get to know you.  If I haven’t made it by your blog, please leave a comment telling letting me know.  I am trying to make sure I haven’t missed anyone, but some times I get side-tracked due to kids all the responsibilities that come with being the chief cook and bottle washer around here.)

 “For all the promises of God in Him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the Glory of God by us.”  ~  2Co 1:20

I love this verse!  But there have been time, I didn’t believe this verse.  Just keeping it real.

As an individual, I have experienced many miracles.  As a family we have seen God do the impossible.

Still there are times when I doubt.  Not that I doubt HIS ability.  Rather, I think I doubt my being worthy.  And that can put a big crimp in FAITH.  If we don’t think we are worth God’s best, how can we STAND on FAITH?

In an effort to keep this short (which is difficult for me), I am only going to list a few examples and get on to the point.

*I’ve seen my oldest daughter healed when the doctors said she needed an surgery.

*I’ve seen my attitude changed in the time it took to walk to the mailbox.  (I was praying God would change honey-hunk’s attitude, not mine.)  We have a long driveway.

*I’ve experienced an “angel” preventing DD#2 from falling out of a moving vehicle.

*I’ve found food in the cabinet, when there was none a few minutes before.

*I’ve experienced healing and I’ve waited upon the LORD for healing that hasn’t come….yet.

Two years ago, DD#2 moved back home with her infant daughter.  (Dh and I were raising her two sons at the time, along with our youngest two boys.)  Granny Dorothy, my mother-in-law, was quite ill (at 90) and Steph moved home to help take care of Granny.  She did that for three months.  Granny’s health improved and Steph needed to find a job.  She found a wonderful job at the local hospital, did all of her testing and pre-hire stuff and was set to go to work the following Monday.

Wednesday was payday for us and I was in town.  I had made a commitment 6 months earlier to a ministry.  I agreed to send a certain amount of money each month and with Granny’s illness and helping support Steph while she helped Granny…..things were tight!  So, I’m running around town taking care of my monthly errands when I get the distinct impression to round up the amount I was giving to the next largest figure.

I thought, “Really, Lord, is that YOU?”

“Round it up.”

“Okay, I can make that work this month.”  (I really thought I was in control. Hahaha)  But, now we were  in agreement.  This was going to be good.

I drove to a drive-through, got something to drink, parked the car and proceeded to get those things taken care of that needed to be put in the mail.  I’m making out my "rounded"up check for this ministry and the cell phone rings.  It’s Steph. 

“Mom,  I’m not going to work at the hospital.”….unhappy voice.


“They had a board meeting and are laying off 280 something people.  My job was cut, too.”

“Round it up.”


“Nothing, we’ll talk when I get home.”

Now, my day of reckoning had come.   In this corner, Rounded up check, ready to mail.   In this corner, Steh’s bills, Granny’s needs, the kids’ wants….it all ran through my mind. “You know, Father, I am going to do something I probably would not have done a few years ago.  I’m going to the post office and mail this check before I change my mind.  I’m going to walk in obedience but I need YOUR  help to meet our needs.”

Monday of the following week, the day she was suppose to start at the hospital, Steph was hired by another health care facility at a higher rate per hour.

I knew, just this once, I had passed the test.  HIS test.

It was a good feeling.

God is faithful.  You can trust HIM.  It’s not about YOU.

When God made the covenant with Abraham….Abraham slept.  It wasn’t about Abraham….it was for Abraham.  But it was about GOD being  be glorified.

TRUST and when the testing comes, embrace it, even when in the natural you feel like running the other direction.

Today, I am thankful we can TR U ST in the ONE who is Worthy!



  1. Isn't God amazing! I love spending 30 days in gratitude because I am being reminded daily of the many ways He has blessed our family. Thank you for sharing!

  2. What an awesome post. I feel great gratitude from just having read it. Thank you very is always a good reminder that it is God in God's timing and not our own (as you read on my post :)

    Oh yeah...we have 9 grandkids now. Ages 9 down to 4. 3 of them are 7 year old girls :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. AMEN! to that! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  4. so true, so true. so true. it is NOT about me. never has been. thank you for this reminder, my friend. God is working to change something something in me, and satan is fighting us (God & I) tooth & nail on this change. satan really doesn't wanna lose this battle, but that decision is made & the VICTORY is the Lord Gods!! It is sooooo not about me!! amen, amen, amen. blessings to you sweet sister.

  5. PS...HE is WORTHY!! and I loved your story!!

  6. Wonderful blog..beautiful post. I am a new follower and fairly new to blogging. Thank you for sharing how you have seen God's direct hand. Numerous times in our years when hubby was in Bible college..we saw God provide in miraculous ways...when all we could do was pray and TRUST! Our God is an awesome God!

  7. Would love for you to visit my 'lil 'ol blog ;o)

  8. Beautiful post. It is so amazing what happens when we trust in God.


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