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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Made a MISTAKE....and a PARTY to tell ya about!

 There is just no other way to say this, other than,

I Goofed!

I was so embarrassed to receive this ~

Danielle said....

Cheryl, I saw your post about the swap. I don't know how to say this other than to just say it, I was your partner and not Julie. I didn't make anything in the swap, but thought the Harvest pillow and pumpkin was perfect for you. I am glad you liked everything. 

So, I went to Danielle's blog

and said...

Danielle, I am soooo very sorry!!! I don't know when I got my wires crossed! Because I knew you had my name, but have no idea when I "switched" to Julie....duh...too many late nights, I guess!!!

I will make amends on by blog right away. Again, I am sooo sorry.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving! 

Again, Danielle, I am so sorry!  And I loved, loved everything you sent!
Now for the PARTY
My friend, Linda @ Prairie Flower Farm  is offering a free download….AND, she is having a party!  

One very blessed someone will be receiving a 
Winter All Year Long Quilt Kit! 

Now hurry and go sign up!;)

Thanksgiving Blessings!


  1. I guess I didn't catch that. Such is mess up making pancakes and yet it works out. HUGS

  2. Sometime little errors on the way make for surprises...don't worry...that's why we are called 'human'.
    BlessYourHeart and Happy Thanksgiving

  3. You have a good heart. This post just proves it.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I love your gifts she gave you.

  4. Thank you so much for posting about my party! You are a sweetie!

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Linda


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