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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 26


Today I am thankful for body snatchers 
What?  You don’t know a Rescue Specialist?!  I do.

Her name is  

At least, that is what she goes by online.  In order to protect the innocent (and keep Shoshanna from being swarmed by countless crowds of people), I will keep her true identity to myself.  But she lives in Texas in close proximity to a rather large Army base… 

it’s a big state.

Sho is a MOM and a GRANDMA….I’ve lost count of how many “grands”.  (I have trouble keeping count of my own brood.) 

  She is a STEP-MOM and a FRIEND. She is a student, working on her master’s.   

She is of JEWISH descent and is a CHRISTIAN.  She’s a TWIN (she was born in a swamp, but that is another story!).  She lives in TEXAS, her mother and siblings live in Missouri.  She is former MILITARY….

All these things make up who Shoshannah IS today.  Read a little farther, you’ll understand.

A few years ago, Shoshannah started a  
tradition.  She decided, since she generally cooks for a small army on the holidays, why not add another plate or two?

Indeed, why NOT?  Why not fill these additional place settings with STRANGERS?

“I was a stranger, and ye took me in:”  
(from Matthew 25:35)

Why not share their THANKSGIVING meal with soldiers far from home?   
(Shoshannah knew first hand how that felt.)

So, kids in tow, Sho began her search for the “right” stranger. The one God wanted to use her family to bless.   

You might be asking, where on earth does one go to find the “perfect stranger”?  Sho can tell you…..the grocery store!  To be more specific, the FROZEN FOOD isle….. “you’ll find your ‘stranger’ searching through the frozen turkey dinners, eyes a little glared, expression a little sad ~ as if their mind is a million (or few hundred) miles away.”

As Shoshannah’s children have become adults, the “HONOR” of becoming the RESCUER has been passed down.  Sometimes, they go in twos.  This year, Sho’s youngest (Mack, who is a college freshman), had the DUTY.  Off to the grocery store!

Frozen Food ~ This year’s “stranger” was Robert.  He was far away from family.  For one day, Robert became a member of Sho’s family.  He wasn’t much older than the one who was sent to RESCUE him from the frozen food isle.

 “For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:”

~ Matthew 25:35 ~

Today I am thankful to know there are people like Shoshannah and her family.  People who care enough to open their hearts and their doors to others.  For at least one day a year, they throw “caution” out and ask,

“Why not?”

Whether it is a soldier or just another individual
each day, we are given the opportunity to show

God's LOVE.
I am thankful to know my friend, Shoshannah.

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You will be blessed!



  1. What a wonderful thing your friend does! We tend to take in strays as well, but it never occurred to me to go out and FIND one! How brilliant! She sounds like an amazing woman.

  2. Soooo cool that she does that! woot!

  3. Now THAT'S a Thanksgiving tradition!

  4. What a touching story. I always try to be very nice to strangers, even though it's scary at times. I try to take time to answer questions, such as "do you know where the salt is?", etc. Then for just a moment I can let Jesus shine through, often beginning a short conversation. Your friend sounds like she has a big heart!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today! AND sharing a cookie recipe!
    Hugs, Heidi

  5. Thanks for sharing Shoshannah. My husband is a military brat as well and his dad would often bring home a "stranger" or 2 for Thanksgivng and sometimes Christmas and Easter too.


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