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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 21, 22 ~Giveaways and a Freebie!

Be sure and go by Brenda's and checkout all the gratitude posts!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am thankful for the sense of smell!  Our house is already beginning to smell like the holidays.  Being able to smell familiar foods is such an amazing “comfort.”  Plus, I have cinnamon candles burning everywhere!

When you smell certain foods, do your memories of past holidays come flooding back?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am thankful for HELP… read that right.  Grown DD # 2 picked up the “boys” yesterday afternoon and they all spent the night at her house.  I love all my kids/grands, but nearly 20 hours of “peace & quiet” is heaven sometimes! 

P.S.  I made her a chocolate pie to repay her thoughtfulness!  She had said, she wanted a whole chocolate pie just for “her” for Thanksgiving.  Well, on Thanksgiving we will have Apple, Lemon, Pecan and Pumpkin, along with a Four Layer Chocolate Pie….so, she got her plain old chocolate pie today! ;)

Also, very thankful honey hunk was not “badly” injured yesterday.  One of the horses managed to kick him.  It was just a glancing blow on his right hip.  Thankful he didn’t catch it in his rib cage!

Notes of Interest:

Christian has free shipping for the next week or so…actually I think it goes until about December 6 – be sure and check.  You have to spend $35 to get the free shipping.  If you need the code for the free shipping, just let me know.

CB is also offering Pilgrims Progress (the e book version) for FREE!

Eagle Wings is hosting a giveaway, in celebration of reaching follower #100!  Be sure and go by and enter!  Aren’t those little red chicks cute as can be?!

Johanna Parker is giving away an original Snow Man Candy Holder!  Be sure and go by….you’ll love him!

 Briana is giving away FIVE sets of the DVD Making Herbs Simple Vol. 1 and 2.

I still need to post my swap pictures....I'm working on getting that done!!!



  1. Thank you for sharing about those give-a-ways. My post that I wrote out for tomorrows Gratitude post is about blessings/receiving/and gifts and I have some current giveaways mentioned in it. I LOVE that snowman and need to head over to enter that one!

    My mouth is now watering for Chocolate pie after reading your post. LOL! ;-)

  2. Love your new layout and also the giveAways! There's a new one coming @Telln' It! soon! THANKS for sharing! HUGS!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the peace and quiet, and I hope your DD enjoys her pie. It sounds like a win/win!

  4. What a lot of great givaways and deals you have posted. It's funny how such a small thing as a scent can bring such happiness.

  5. The peace and quiet is such a blessing, isn't it?! I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow my children are going to my mother's and SPENDING THE NIGHT! Yay! (I love my children, too, but, ohh, it'll be so nice to finish a thought.) I'm really getting excited. Doesn't happen much. Love your post and your THanksgiving decorations on it! BLessings to you Cheryl!

  6. Hey, thanks for blogging about my giveaway.


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