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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 8

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Happy Monday, Everyone!

After a busy week, this past week and a busy weekend, I am most thankful for HOME.  Our home isn’t much by worldly standards ~ maybe God didn’t want me to get too attached to my earthly abode ~ if so, rather than spending time focusing on what we don’t have, I will praise HIM for what we do have.

*I am thankful we do not owe on our home.

*I am thankful that I do not own a dishwasher (except for a couple of two-legged ones).  Each time I wash dishes, I am reminded HE always provides food for our family and friends! 

Because we thought our temps might dip below the freezing point, we picked all that was left in the garden yesterday.  You would not believe the tomatoes, peppers, egg plant and okra we are still harvesting!!!  And it is NOVEMBER!!!  Amazing!  Normally, our growing season ends mid August when the weather gets too hot and it was hot in August, put we had a little rain at the right time I guess, and our tomatoes plants look better now than they did in June.  (sorry, about the run on sentence).  I made chow-chow (or green tomato relish) last night with the green tomatoes.  It came out, so good; hot enough for dh, but not too hot for me!  (that was the tricky part).

*And as the old saying goes, I am thankful for all the mountains of laundry, because it is an indication of the clothes HE has provided for my family.  (This does not mean I enjoy laundry….blah)
 I have a


Because I did so good on my diet (week before last, not so great this past week); I rewarded myself by ordering some old movies off e-bay and they came last Friday.  So, after the chow-chow was finished last night, Gabby (10 y/o granddaughter) and I watched the ORIGINAL chick-flick, TAMMY and the Bachelor! 


We have two more to watch!!!  And......if I do good again er, WHEN I do good again,
I'm ordering this:
We just needed some CHICK movies around here!!!  At least a movie or two where they are not blowing up buildings or wrecking cars!

This week, I will be getting ready for the holidays - cleaning this house, moving out clutter and a little decorating. BUT, I will also begin working on Christmas gifts and there will be some surprises along the way! I’ll share lots of different ideas in hopes some will spark your fancy! We will begin this afternoon, after school and chores, so I will have pictures of our first project tomorrow! I am so excited! When we are completely finished, I will place all our holiday ideas in file *maybe that’s called an e-book* which you will be able to download and keep!

And if YOU have some ideas YOU would like to share, please send an email or let me know in a comment!!! I’ll give you full credit….YOU’LL be a co-author of an online book!

In the meantime…..BE BLESSED my friends!

Hugs and prayers,


  1. I am looking forward to that ebook. What a wonderful idea! It's hard to believe that you are still harvesting. I think we put our yard to bed for the winter this past week-end, but now the temps are going to be in the 60's, so who knows?

    God does provide. Always. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Cheryl~
    WOW, an eBook! And a crafting one..can't wait!! Love the old movies too...LOVE Tammy and Gidget...have you seen the Unsinkable Molly Brown starring Debbie Reynolds? Very good..there's some good ones starring Betty Hutton too: Greatest Show on Earth AND Annie Oakley and Annie Get Your Gun...all very good! Have fun! woot! hugs!

  3. Great post. I love Gidget! I was walking through the Home Depot over the weekend and saw all the Christmas stuff out. Can't believe it's that time again. **sigh**

  4. I really enjoyed this post! I'm looking forward to the Christmas present/project ideas. My girls and I are supposed to be making Christmas presents this year...I'll stay tuned!


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