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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude ~ Day # 25

Alright, already ~

I’ve probably already told you I love autumn and that Thanksgiving is my favorite, favorite holiday about a million times…

And I have told you how thankful I am for the beautiful fall weather we have experienced this year….

You are probably thinking, “I hope she has a point….a new point would HELP!”

In the wake of all this rush and busyness, I want to just stop ….and today (Wednesday) I did! I had dreams of a spotless house, a wonderful meal, and boys who aren’t fussing with each other would also be really high on my dream hit-parade list!

I was busy, working on the house, early dinner preps and the boys were at it….(too much free time, probably). I realized I had to “get out.” And I did.

I removed myself and went to the garden. It’s nearly dead now….a few flowers, one lone okra bloom, some late lettuce, a honeydew melon that didn’t mature ~ now burst with seeds scattered around and a few hundred cherry tomatoes that didn’t get picked before being over taken by frost. I took down the gazebo’s covering, picked up odd and end tools and gathered an array of “stuff” that had been left to litter the ground around the table and chairs. I ended up on my knees picking at the “stuff”….it was easier then bending over. But, I needed the time on my knees….isn’t it amazing, God still meets “us” in the garden. HE knows our every care and HE shares that “care.”

My house will never be perfect, some days it is difficult to find “the path.” But it’s not a house, it is a HOME.

Thanksgiving dinner will not likely look like those on the cover of some food magazine; nor will my table be that of a beautiful “Tablescape” and they are lovely. Rather, I hope to get my table cleaned off. We’ll be using the “Country China”…Chinet. We will feed twenty-four family members (with an extra one or two most likely). The members of our family span Four Generations….the oldest 92, the youngest 3 weeks.

While the food won’t be “pretty” it will be “pleasing”….much of it organic, grown in our garden. Everything will taste good – familiar and comforting. It will remind us of how “mama used to do it” or the time Aunt Billie forgot the cranberry salad. WE will recall old memories and make new ones….with the youngest generation. We will be thankful.

We will be noisy, hopefully no fussing or bickering (the boys are normally on their good behavior when we have company), but with the noise of giggles, laughter, stories and perhaps a few tears.

No matter how cool the temps, the grands will spend time with the animals. The horses will get extra apple wafers (we call them “Trigger Treats”), the goats will get extra pats on their backs and the dogs and cats will be loved to (near) death. (Did I tell you someone gifted us with yet another two pups? They look like a Lab mix. I think they are going to be big. No, we don’t need six dogs…but what is the alternative? )

The new pair of pups, Daphne and Rocky.

The carpet didn’t get shampooed…but that’s okay.  With ten grandkids, something is bound to get spilled….NO worries, the carpet won’t be spotless…maybe next week.

But hey….I have a super clean garden!  And a much better attitude….it is not perfect, but we are working on that, too.

And right now, I’m thinking a bunch of hugs from some of my favorite little people is better than the perfect house!

Today I am THANKFUL for treasured memories, both new and old.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. You warmed my heart Miss Prairiemaid........what a blessing you are to myself and many others..........I'm with you! My HOME has seen better days, but it is okay. Tonight we will have alllllll our grandbabies for the night. They will sleep everywhere!!!!!!!!!! It will be my time with and that is my joy!
    Hugs and may the Lord bless you!!!!!!!!! One day we will have heaven to get to know each other........but for now.......the internet is a blessing!
    Prairie Flower Farm

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond. With love. Raymonde. xxx


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